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託夢 April 18, 2019

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這年頭,連任 is job no 1。










Legalized kickbacks in the U.S. December 2, 2016

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The way to do this legally is this: you make donations to politicians, up to the legal limit, with the understanding that you will eventually get something back. 

Of course, that ‘something;’ many would argue that it is a de facto ‘political kickback,’ depends on the size of your donation.

Let me exolain:

If you can only muster $10, $20 or even $100 to a single politician or two because you think he or she share your believes, say goodbye to your money. It is gone forever. 

You will for sure get a carefully worded email back saying that your money helps make a difference in (fill in the blank: legalizing pot, gay marriage, 2nd Amendment rights, stopping abortion in the U.S. or whatever pleases you.) You will within a week get a ton of emails from other politicians or organizations which claim to have the same believe as you do. They just want your money. Nothing else.

That’s about all you can expect.

If you wish to facilitate your small business’s operation but can only afford a few hundred dollars, contribute to your district representative and his opponent too because you don’t know who will come out ahead. $2,500 or several thousand dollars are more than enough to get his attention after he or she is in the office. Call his or her office when your business runs into small bureaucratic problem with the government. You should be able to get some relief once your representative’s office steps in.

If you are well off and believe that you might need some subtle but preferential treatment from influrencial people in the future, give $50,000 or more dollars to your senator/House representative and/or their opponents. Whether you are bidding for a multi-million dollar federal government project, requesting a $200,000 research grant, applying for a $500 million dollar green energy funds or needing U.S. government intervention on an affair in a foreign country, call his or her office to get a big voice on your behalf.

If you have a very deep pocket and want to be an American ambassador to a foreign country someday, give big money to a presidential candidate or his/her foundation. $250,000 might land you an ambassador to an African country or a place where birds won’t even lay eggs. $500,000 will likely make you an ambassador to a country in western Europe.

$1 million contribution, preferablly more, to a presidential candidate might get you an edge to broker a multi-billion dollar weapon deal or ten F35 fighter jets contract to a Middle East country. 

However, if your guy/gal lose the election, your multi-million dollar contribution will only get you a warm hand shake, a pat on your back, a juicy steak dinner with a bottle of 1982 Chateau Lafleur and a promise to work as hard as he can to win the next election four years from now. 

If you want to learn how to do it and do it well, just follow the money. It will get you what you want, eventually. 

In the land of the free spying on your activities from the ‘big brother NSA’ and the home of the brave special interest lobbyists, the almighty Congress wrote laws to make certain that accepting political contributions is legal. The legalized quid pro quo works just as well in the U.S. as those under-the-table deals so widespread in developing countries.

American politicians, such as Obama, Clintons or Bushs, want your money bad. Elections are getting more expensive every two or four years. If your guy is not in the office, you have no use of him or her.So pick your targets carefully. Many fat cats bet wrong this time around and they won’t have a second time because no one wants an old lady in the WH four years from now. 

But, those guys are making a list and check it twice. They got money and they don’t have any believe per se. Whoever has power now is a good target for them. Heck, they’ll give money to Trump if it comes down to that. 

Money speaks in the U.S. as loud as it does im other countries.

Never doubt me on that.

Democrats: Pandering to the 99% September 6, 2014

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As mid-term gets closer and closer we will see more of Clinton and less of Obama trying to rally for Democrat’s congressional candidates in major swing states: NC, Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Nevada.

What Democrat will do is what they have done always: stress the inequality and minimum wage issues just like Clinton did in Florida yesterday.

Nothing new: pandering to its base and use inequality as a weapon for party’s class warfare.


Source: Fox News

How can anyone raise a kid or two on minimum wage even with food stamps and government welfare? If someone is doing that now, he or she has to get an education, starting with a high school diploma if he or she must, and bring him or herself out of the proverty once and for all.

Democrats want you to stay in proverty so that you have to depend on government handouts for the rest of your life. You need that government check and Democrats will deliver that check to you month after month, year after year.

And where will Democrats get the money to hand it to you? Tax the rich and more and more the middle class.

The fight for 15 crowd get their checks. Democrats keep the power. Rich pay more. Middle class gets sucked dry. Eventually America will end up as a socialist government and inequality will last for generations to come.

That’s classic Democrat.

階級鬥爭 思想分裂
貧富不均 煽動選民
少數民族 鼓吹歧視
政府養民 一黨專政

That’s the essence of Democrat Party’s menifesto.

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