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Was Trump not breast fed? July 9, 2018

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White House Threatened to Economically Cripple Ecuador for Promoting Breastfeeding


Why is the United States of America under that guy against breast feeding?

Quick, give me your best guess.

Can’t think of any?

Let me give you a hint: $$$$.

Get it?

Still in the dark?

One more hint: Business man.

Because baby formula is a multi -billion dollar business and the U.S. under Trump “embracing the interests of infant formula manufacturers,” not breast milk.

Silly you.

Apparently, Trump and Trump’s rich friends can’t make money off breast milk so that the White House officials threaten to “unleash punishing trade measures and withdraw crucial military aid ”if Ecuador dared introduce a resolution” to promote breast feeding.

Furthermore, some American delegates to the U.N.’ World Health Assembly even reportedly suggested the U.S. might slash its contribution to the World Health Organization if America’s demands: removing language of asking governments to “protect, promote, and support breastfeeding” be removed, weren’t met.

There you have it.

Obama, what now? June 23, 2013

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Schumer, when refering to Snowden’s flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, said the following on CNN:

“Putin always seems almost eager to stick a finger in the eye of the United States – whether it is Syria, Iran and now of course with Snowden.”

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/u-warns-countries-against-snowden-travel-014740817.html?.b=index&.cf3=World+News&.cf4=1&.cf5=Reuters&.cf6=%2F

This of course happened after U.S. told countries in the Western Hemisphere that:

Snowden “should not be allowed to proceed in any further international travel, other than is necessary to return him to the United States.

This is just another example that the once all mighty America is no more:

1.    Of course, Putin approved the flight and, after he snubbed Obama on Syria just days ago at G8, is not afraid to take on him again.

2.    China knew full well that Obama “丢够了臉”  or has been thoroughly embarrassed at G8 in the hands of Putin. As such Obama will suck it up and hide behind his teleprompter if he is challenged on the world stage again. This was the reason why Hong Kong, by extension China, let Snowden leave. In other words, there won’t be any consequence from the U.S.

3.  Both countries were able to shame Obama publically and they did it without having to deal with the extradition mess. There are plenty of South American countries who will take Snowden in. Is there another international flight being planned for Snowden?

4.    Schumer wasn’t talking to his TV audience or Putin for that matter when he made the comment on CNN’s State of the Union program. Schumer was addressing Obama and he is telling Obama that you better make the consequence to US-Russia relation “serious.” Schumer is watching but he probably will be disappointed.

5.     The United States’s pivot to Asia has pushed China and Russia closer together than ever before. This last episode on Snowden was just a small example of how these two countries will work together to fend off America’s influence.

I bet Obama has no time for this small matter. He is busy with his family’s $50 million vacation to Africa. Better enjoy it on someone else’s money when he still can.

I wonder what my share of that tax money is? Do not forget that almost 50% of Americans do not pay any federal income tax.

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