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Trump vs black women October 26, 2017

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What’s Trump’s Problem With Black Women?


The answer is very simple: Trump despises black women, I might add, black man and colored people.

Source: Flipboard

Source: Flipboard

Really? August 31, 2014

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The most recent The Economist has this picture with the subtitle saying:

‘Not so black and white anymore’


Source: The Economist, 8-30-2014.

The article talks about Latinos taking over Jobs of being maids for affluent families in the US.

But what’s the real reason for showing  this picture with the story?

I couldn’t help but ask: Has America really changed for good? Or has the discrimination sentiment just submerged beneath the headlines of the liberal TVs and newspapers around the country?

Discrimination tax against whites July 8, 2010

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As of July 1st, anyone who  wants to get a tan at a tanning salon have to pay a 10% surcharge as part of the tax increase to pay for ObamaCare.

I think this is ridiculous and is a form of discrimination against whites  because I haven’t seen any blacks, or Latinos for that matter, going to the tanning salon in the shopping center where my restaurant is.

I see a class action lawsuit coming soon.

I demand 25% of the judgment after fees against Obama administration.

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