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Taiwanese people like status quote, why? September 21, 2010

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Taiwan is a second class “nation” on the world stage due to political pressure from China. According to a recent poll, slightly more than half of the Taiwanese people are willing to maintain the status quote indefinitely instead of unifying with China or declaring independence.

I have to admit that I fail to see the rationale behind this mindset.

Why the status quote?

Is it because that your pockets are filled with money from all that exports to China that you don’t care about your status on the world stage? According to the latest data, China accounts for 40% of Taiwan’s export market.

Is it because that this quasi mother-child relation on economics is enough to keep the unemployment rate low enough that most of you do not feel the pain?

Is it because that diplomatic advancement is simply a pipe dream given the strength of China in recent years? Didn’t President Ma said that Taiwan can “handle” diplomatic isolation as long as Taiwanese have jobs to go to and money to spend once economic isolation is removed.”

Is it because that declaring independence is a non-issue now because ECFA has taken effect as of 9-12-2010? Don’t you know that, with a closer tie on economy and other areas of your daily life, Taiwan’s life line will be firmly in the hands of China to the foreseeable future?

Why not unify with China?

Is it because you do not trust Chinese government and its ability to strike Taiwan at any moment?

Since Ma took office, officials from Taiwanese government at many levels have called for China to remove roughly 1,200 missiles that are aimed at Taiwan. This is utterly non-sense because it sounds like what Chinese said “自欺欺人zi4 qi1 qi1 ren2.” Why should China do that? What does China get in return? Will Taiwan come to the negotiation table to discuss conditions of a  unified China if these missiles are removed back to Central or Western China? These missiles can be reset at moments notice if China likes it.

Is it because the current leader is satisfied with being the head of a nation, second class or not, instead of a governor of a small state in China?

Is it because that no Taiwanese president, certainly not Ma Ying Jiu, from KMT wants to be the last president of the ROC Dynasty that may 遗臭万年 “yi2 chou4 wan4 nian2”?

Is it because Taiwan has found a new mother to play child with? Didn’t the United States wants to sell Taiwan advanced weapons to counter China’s insurgence? Even the president called for such a sell in order to “balance” with China’s military power? Is he kidding? Without the backing of the United States, Taiwan would have long been part of China already. Taiwan is willing to be a pawn and a front line foot solider of the United States in the cold war between the US and China in the decades to come?

Is it because that being a front line foot solider of the United States gives Taiwan a false sense of importance on the world stage?

This is what I have to say to those 50+% of Taiwanese people:

Forget about the status quote. Independence is not achievable given China’s “One China” stance. Use ECFA as a blue print, seek the best comprises from China politically across the negotiation table and move towards a peaceful one China goal in the next decade. It will be good for China and it will be for Taiwan.

Believe me:

The United States is not a friend of Taiwan. It sees China as its new enemy and has aggressively seeking partners such as Japan, Vietnam and India, to fight against the insurgence of China.

Taiwan and China should join hands to counter the attack from the US instead of fighting each other.

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