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What happen to Dell? May 21, 2016

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I am a loyal Dell customer for decades. Desktop, laptop or whatever has been around my house and my office since the late 80’s. I like their computers and I like the efficiency it dealt with orders from their customers.

After some research on top laptops, I bought a Dell XPS 13 9350 with a touchable screen from Dell directly like I always do.

5 days later I got a notice from Fedex saying that I needed to stay home tomorrow to sign for a package. Good job, Dell. As efficient as before.

I went through the initial setup, linked to the web and started to install Google Chrome.

Well, that’s when the shit hits the fan.

My brand new Dell XPS-13 won’t install the browser saying that some kind of technical issue prevented the installation.

I started to search for a solution online but it didn’t help. I logged on Dell website and tried my luck there.

To get Any kind of help, Dell website asked for service tag of my computer. I let the laptop to find that for me and proceed to look for an answer.

Well, Dell website said that it could not match my service tag to its records.

What the heck is going on? I just got it yesterday.

I then called Dell’s technical help and was able to get a live person with minimum wait time.

The guy at the help Desk asked for service tag. I gave it to him (from the packing list). He said that he couldn’d find my laptop in their database.

Not good. This is Dell. The best PC company in the world.

He then asked me to find the Express Service Tag number from the bottom of the laptop. I found that and gave it to him.

Same thing.

He then asked me to reboot the laptop and hit F2 repeatedly after the Dell logo. I did that and found the same Service Tag number.

I then did a F12 preboot to run the Pre-boot System Assessment which was a series of embedded diagnostics to check the performance of the system. The system was fine.

I then gave him the order number and he was able to find it in Dell’s database. But it didn’t have a Service Tag nor an Expressed Service Tag.

I asked him why but he didn’t know.

He said that he has talked to the Dell’sCustomer Service Department which is where Service Tag issue will be resolved. He said that they have the info and someone there would be able to help me.

He asked me to write down their 800 number in case my connection was dropped. I did that and he asked me to hold on.

A moment later, a recorded message said that this wasn’t their regular working hours. It asked me call back during their regular service hours.

Then my connection was dropped.

Total connection time:
48 minutes and 11 seconds.

Is Dell still the ‘best’ PC company in the world?

Hmmm…, I don’t know.

Acer and HTC: 台湾的缩影 September 28, 2013

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531期的天下雜誌 (2013-9-8) 问:台灣科技品牌为何屡屡落敗?

The magazine was talking about Taiwan’s two tech companies:  宏碁 Acer and  宏達電 HTC

I own an Acer laptop since 2011 and liked it a lot. It’s cheap and performs as well as comparable products from Dell and HP. Although I have used Apple iPhone3 and have recently switched to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, I heard that HTC’s phones are equally good. 

That being said, these two companies’ stocks can only be described as 惨不忍睹。

See for yourself:

宏碁/Acer 5-year chart


My first answer is: 台湾的顶尖人才都跑到中国大陆去了。台湾的教授也跑到中国大陆去了。Pay there is better。Period。台湾, in a way, 被别人从上面和中间掏空了。The majority of businesses staying put in Taiwan are service oriented: restaurants, massage shops, travel related companies, night markets and taxis.

My second answer is: 爸爸(国民党)和妈妈(民进党)天天吵架,家里的小孩(台湾的人民和公司)这么能长的好呢?Both parties are fighting hard to strengthening their own party. They are not working for the people. They are working for their party instead.

My third answer is:台湾的教育失败。See for yourself:



My fourth answer is: 台湾’s problems are structural in nature. Taiwan has been very good at putting things together for other companies. It may have slacked behind on fundamental researches which are very critical in the highly competitive technology space. The central government has been throwing money in the area of social welfare to please the voters for years. By doing so, it didn’t do what it supposed to do: helps Taiwan’s businesses compete with other companies in the world which enjoy total support from their respective governments.

Taiwan’s current leader,马英九, has over the past six years been fighting for the survivor of his political life. He lacks the vision to help companies such as Acer and THC and is powerless under the constant attack from the opposition party. He hasn’t shown any leadership quality and is mired in a dismal approval rating of low teens.

My fifth answer is:The CEO of both companies probably have squandered their respective company’s good fortune, became lazy at the top and didn’t adapt to the changing landscape. Once they starts to play catching up, their technological advantages were gone. We call this: 创业维艰守成不易。

If something is not done fast, both companies, along with hundreds of jobs, will by gone soon.


Old PC is almost gone March 5, 2010

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Wasted all day trying to fix my PC. Finally I gave up and ordered a Dell instead.

Windows started okay but it froze after about 5 minutes. I reloaded Windows XP but lost the mouse, keyboard co-processor, a bus and network connection. Istruggled for 45 minutes and loaded a wireless network connection but still couldn’t get online.

I then backed up all my files and set up my $300 Eee PC  to check emails and get on the Internet.

I also orderd the new Windows Office to replace my 2001 XP Office I got from UT.

Dell won’t come until March 25; a long 3 weeks.

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