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America the not so beautiful December 28, 2018

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Just when 2018 is about to turn into 2019, here is a list of things that are happening in the most powerful country on earth: the USA:

  • The federal government is closed for business but all federal employees will get paid even though they don’t have to go to work when the federal government is shut down.
  • Trump is incapable of telling the truth and has made at least 7,546 false or misleading claims while in the White House.
  • The White House has an acting chief of staff, an acting secretary of defense, an acting attorney general, an acting EPA administrator, no interior secretary, and no ambassador to the United Nations.
  • Trump’s former campaign chairman, deputy campaign chairman, national security adviser and personal lawyer have all pleaded guilty to crimes.
  • Trump’s campaign, his transition, his foundation, his business and possibly himself and his family are all under investigation.
  • Democrats in the House will likely impeach Trump.
  • The federal government takes in $657 trillion but spent $5.051 trillion.
  • America will spend $874.4 billion on defense in 2018, about 17.3% of total spending.
  • The federal deficit is $1.4 trillion, ~27.8% of what government spent.
  • The national debt stands at $25.6 trillion or about 109% of the
  • Total personal debt is $23.066 trillion or $67,306 per person which does not include total mortgage debt which is another $17.675 trillion. The student loan debt is $1.950 trillion and credit card debt is $1.579 trillion.
  • Major stock indices are in correction territories from recent highs.
  • Short term interest rates are the highest in 10 years.
  • U6 Unemployment Rate as of November 2018 was 7.6%.
  • The war in Afghanistan is going nowhere after spending $1.07 trillion.
  • America waged trade wars with many countries in the world.
  • The US is losing allies all over the world.
  • America is losing influences on world order which America built over the past 70 years.
  • Trump gets his advices on foreign and domestic policies from Fox News and talk-radio hosts.

Financial data source: The national Debt Clock. http://www.usdebtclock.org/current-rates.html


Bankrupted America borrows more to get by March 30, 2018

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$294 billion to be exact this week alone.

What happened to the once fiscal conservative, small government Republican Party? The party of Lincoln has lost its minds, morphed into Democracts, sold its soul to Trump and abandoned American people for a temporary sugar high.

Well, it’s not completely Republican’s fault because, America has been on financial steriods since 2009 and it is hard to shake that satisfying feeling just yet.

What’s going happen to this record high auction and future auctions in 2018 and 2019?

Source: U.S. debt clock

What if the promised boost to the economy from the tax cut never materialized?

How high will the yield of Treasury Bonds go before it can attract enough buyers?

What if foreign buyers stop buying American debt?

And how high will the yield on 10 year Treasury go before it tanks the stock markets?

The Fed has stopped buying government bonds and mortgage securities. It will instead sell bonds and MBS on its book to normalize the interest rate structure. The extra supply will for sure put more pressure on the prices of bonds.

Little by little, yield will go up until the economy and financial market can’t take it any more. Economic activities will contract. Stock market will crush and a recession will follow.

That’s just the way it will play out.

Growth in America is History June 26, 2010

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Timothy Geithner said that ‘the world can’t depend as much on US as it has in the past,’ because he knows that there won’t be any growth in US economy with so much national debt hanging over its neck; not to mention mounting annual deficits as far as eyes can see.

Is the United States on a downward slope and what does it mean to stock markets going forward?

There can only be one outcome: down!

Double Standard June 23, 2010

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Tony Hayward was criticized by the White House and liberal media  for attending a yacht race on Saturday because that damn hole wasn’t plugged.

Obama got a free pass from liberal media on his golf game on Saturday and Baseball game on Friday night. But on the day of “top kill”, Obama was implying that he was responsible for plugging that “damn hole.”

At last count, Obama also has the following thorny issues to deal with:

  • North Korea’s sinking of a South Korean battle ship.
  • Detection of high radiation levels of Uranium near the boarder of North Korea on May 15th, 2010.
  • Iran’s Nuclear weapon program.
  • Wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Domestic terrorist attack.
  • Gaza naval blockade by Israel.
  • Turkey turning its back on the U.S.
  • High unemployment rate.
  • Lousy economy.
  • Mounting deficits.
  • Soaring national debt.
  • Double dip on the housing market.
  • Arizona Illegal Immigrants law.
  • Cleaning up oil spills from beaches in LA, MS and FL.

Would you call that a “double standard?”

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