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苦笑不得 July 23, 2013

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I didn’t make this up because it actually happened!

Taiwan’s defense department, under directive from 馬英九, used sound effect from their CD collections to simulate sounds from guns and artillery shots during the island’s annual military exercise, 漢光演習, in 2012. The official rational: to “conserve energy and to reduce carbon footprint.” And likely to save a few bucks.

Wow! Only a “書生” could dream up or approve this kind of absurd idea! If the chief didn’t take it serious, why should his generals and soldiers? The cannon fodder probably laughed so hard during the five-day exercise that their teeth might fall out of their mouths. BTW, no real bullet or artillery shell was fired and馬英九delegated his commander-in-chief responsibility to someone else because he had a foreign policy matter to tend to in Africa.

Yeah, it happened a year ago and馬英九seemed to have learned his lessons but I couldn’t help but blame 馬英九 for the decline of Taiwan’s military readiness.


But seriously can we blame馬英九 on the lack of crisis awareness of his military? I guess we can’t. Think about it: a growing military budget (see chart below)and strong military presence just don’t fit with his 倾中 policies, does it?


Military Spending as % of GDP 2000 - 2011

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