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Obama is looking for a 台阶 on Syria August 31, 2013

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Obama has found a 台阶: US Congress.

He didn’t look for approval from Congress on Libya.

He said that he is going to ask for approval from Congress because his neck is the only one up there.

When Congress votes against military action, Obama will hide behind the resolution and stay behind the red line he drew for himself.

I knew what Obama is doing. American people know what Obama is doing. Putin knows what Obama is doing and he is making fun of Obama at Kremlin now.

Question to Obama: Chemical weapon is WMD, according to you. Are hundreds of tanks or hundreds of cruise missiles MWD too?

All are capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people at the same time and many of them are no doubt innocent civilians.



We are friends. Just don’t drag me to war August 31, 2013

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George Osborne, the U.K. finance minister, told BBC Friday: “The relationship with the United States is a very old one, very deep and operates on many layers.”

But, Obama, please don’t drag us into your war with Syria.

Go ahead, Obama, you can do it by yourself. Assad is no match to your carriers, destroyers and cruise missiles.

We’ll watch it on our TV.

Of course, good politicians don’t say what they really want to say. They lie all the time.

George Osborne is a fine politician.

弱國無外交A weak country has no diplomacy March 30, 2011

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A weak country has no diplomacy. China was in this exact position after WW II and was betrayed by America, England, France and Soviet Union.

Libya is taking a beating from the US and the other because Libya has no military to speak of and no friends strong enough to go against the US in UN.

The country is flat with no place to hide. It is an easy target from the air. Ti American fighter pilots, Libya tanks look like ducks from the air.

The US may be in it for Libya’s oil if a pro-democracy and pro-US government is established but nothing is that easy when Obama didn’t know whom he was friends with.

Well, the devil is all un the details.

What if Qaddafi win and the so-called Revel lose?

Also interesting to note is that the main street news media called the opposition rebels instead of “Freedom Fighters.”


But I am afraid that the attack will make Muslims all over the world hate the Americans even more.

You can also expect that more western soft target in Europe and US will face more terrorist attacks in coming years.

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