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Credit card terminal October 25, 2008

Posted by hslu in My Restaurant.
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Got a new credit card terminal from MerchantPRO on Wednesday, 10/22. The sales man was Eric and the guy  who installed the terminal was Gary. She is the manager of the company. Not sure what position Eric holds with the company though. When it was first set up, everything was okay. The new terminal was faster then what we had and should speed up the settlement process at the end of the day. In addition, I should be able to save about $120 – $150 per month. This doesn’t sound much but if we have to make this much money we have to do about $500 more business a month. In time like now (DOW has dropped 45% from recent high), $150 is $150.

On Wednesday evening after close, I tried to settle, called Batch with this terminal, but got disconnected after it tried to dial the server. I thought the server was busy and I tried again. It got disconnected again. I tried a few more times but they were all disconnedted.

I called the customer service right away but the guy wasn’t a lot of help and our phone connection was disconnected. Bad sign.

I called again and got this guy who wasn’t sure what the problem either but suspected that the data file was too large for the telephone line to handle. However, he was able to force settle for me on his end and suggested that I batch twice everyday.

Thursday morning, Raymond called and said that the terminal wasn’t able to carry out the credit card transactions. I asked him to call the service desk. I didn’t know whether he called or not but apparently the problem was fixed when Maria and I stopped by the restaurant around 2 that afternoon. Another bad sign.

I asked Raymond to do a batch job around 3PM and it and it was okay with 66 records. Around 9:40 PM, Raymond called again with a bad news: the batched job got disconnected again. I told him to let me taking care of the problem tomorrow.

I called the service desk and talked to a guy who said that the problem was with the splitter I had on the line (sharing the line with the fax machine.)  I took it out and the result was the same. He then said that the problem was with the phone line being a digital line (for Internet, DSL, etc.) and asked me to check with the phone company.

I called Eric and Gary but got a machine (sounds like a home phone.)

I called Verizon and got transferred from NJ to VA and got the answer: all three lines are analog. I called MerchantPRO again and got this lady on the phone: she wasn’t any help to me either and said that the terminal can only handle 50 transactions at a time. But I told her that I did 66 yesterday. Apparently she wasn’t smart/experienced enough to solve the problem. She was however able to give another phone number to reach the agent.

I called again and got Gary on the line. I told him that his terminal gave me nothing but trouble and I let him know that I wasn’t pleased at all. He said he’ll take care of the problem for me and will stop by with a new terminal on Monday.

In the mean time, I have to batch every 25 to 30 transactions just to prevent the problem from happenning again. I’ll wait until Monday.

Hope this is worthy of my pain and agony because I am supposed to go with them for 4 years.

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