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Freedom of Speech September 9, 2010

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No one gives it a damn  if someone burns an American flag or a bible. That’s freedom of speech, according to the high court.

If someone try to burn a Koran or a bunch of Korans, according to Obama, Hillary, Petraeus and a bunch of others, it becomes a national security issue.

Now Imam Rauf has said that unless the mosque is built at the site in the Lower Manhattan, “The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack.” And, if you read between the lines, American heads here in the US and abroad will roll.

Hmm.., Is that a threat to the American people?

Let’s raise the national security threat level to orange then, Obama.

What does this have to say about the religion of Islam? And more importantly what does this have to say about the mood of American people who have had it up to their eyes with the threats from the so-called religion of the peace.

What I do not understand is:

  • How come the leaders of Arab countries didn’t come out and ask Muslims in the world to tone it down?
  • How come the so-called moderate Imams all over the world  in the world didn’t ask their followers to respect majority of American people’s will?
  • How come the so-called moderate Imams all over the world or Muslim leaders didn’t ask Imam Rauf to move the Cordoba House to a different location?
  • How come Obama didn’t call the leaders of the Muslim countries and tell them that Freedom of Speech is the Law of the land here and is protected by the constitution of the United States?
  • How come Hillary Clinton and Ambassadors to the Muslim countries didn’t call these Muslim nations and educate these Muslim leaders of the American way of life and ask them to come out and ask the radicals, as Imam Rauf has put it, to put their saif, or suicide bombs, down for a change?

Now you see how big a mess Obama did with his”right ot build”  iftar speech in front of many Muslims in the White House. He really kicked it up a notch, didn’t he?

I say Obama is a Muslim in front of other Muslims. At least he acted as a Muslim and seek approval from his fellow Muslim brothers at the White House iftar dinner.
The next day when asked of his comment he tried to have it both ways and said that he didn’t question the “wisdom” of building a mosque so close to ground zero. May I ask you Obama, whose wisdom did you refer to? Surely you didn’t question the wisdom of Muslims, did you?

Are there anyone out there looking for world peace?

Imam Rauf said Cordoba House will proceed September 8, 2010

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A modern era version of the full fledged of religion war is developing in the lower Manhattan of the  New York City.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has just came back from our-Tax-Money-funded, State Department-sponsored 2-month trip from Middle East nations during which he has, according to the State Department, fostered “greater understanding” about Islam and Muslim communities in the US. He has stopped by Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar. From Imam Rauf’s Op Ed piece on New York Times, Muslims in the world have come to an agreement that the Cordoba House has to continue because there is no way that Muslims will submit to Christians or Jews.

Imam Rauf said that:

“The wonderful outpouring of support for our right to build this community center from across the social, religious and political spectrum seriously undermines the ability of anti-American radicals to recruit young, impressionable Muslims by falsely claiming that America persecutes Muslims for their faith.”

He continued that:

“These efforts by radicals at distortion endanger our national security and the personal security of Americans worldwide.”


“This is why Americans must not back away from completion of this project. If we do, we cede the discourse and, essentially, our future to radicals on both sides.”

In other words, if the Cordoba House is not permitted to continue, American heads will roll.

He also took the opportunity to give Americans a lesson on the word “islam.”

He didn’t address Obama’s comment on the “wisdom of the the ground zero mosque” though.

He did say that he’ll tell everybody where he got his $100 million from.

Hmm, I wonder how much of that $100 million came from our gas money we gladly paid at pumps every time we stop to gas up.

Muslims are America’s New Discrimnation Targets September 8, 2010

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After 9-11, an invisible hatred against Muslims has been simmering in the United States. The silence of American Muslims since that tragedy day hasn’t helped to ease the uneasy feeling of Americans towards Islam.

The building of the Cordoba House or the Ground Zero mosque, Obama’s righteous support of Muslim’s right to build it near ground zero at an White House  iftar dinner and his half-hearted retreat from his earlier support the next day have elevated this hatred to the forefront to be seen by every American and the world.

The discrimination of American Muslims has just been kicked up a notch by Obama. Thanks to Obama, the 21th century religious war in the United States has officially begun.

I knew this day will come and it will get even worse once Al Qaeda succeeds of creating havoc in the United States with a suicide bomber or two.

Majority of New Yorkers against the Mosque September 3, 2010

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Most of The New Yorkers are against the Ground Zero mosque no matter what the Imam calls it: Community Center, Cordoba House, Park 51, or whatever. Most of the New Yorkers are against the ground zero mosque because of what the Imam said about Bin Laden, Hamas and Islam and what he believes.


You want to know the difference between the US and some Muslim nations:

Most of the people in the US debate the wisdom of building a mosque so close to Ground Zero. In some corners of the Muslim world, people will burn the building down and kill the promoters if they do not like the mosque.

That’s the difference. And it is sad to note that even the so-called moderate Muslims are silent on the killings among the Muslims.

Sorry, Obama, you are not smart enough August 25, 2010

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Now, if Obama is really smart, he’ll have the tea/wine summit at Ground Zero and have a friendly AP reporter take a few photos from far away for evening prime time news.

He’ll then have his Press Secretary send  our a statement saying that the White House will appoint a “Blue Ribbon” inter-Faith  panel and Obama will go by whatever the panel recommends.

The controversy will then be off the prime time news for at least 6 months.

In the mean time, a wealth Jewish buyer with connection to Bloomberg will pay $20 million to the developer for the property. Sharif El-Gamal will be happy because he walks away with a nice $15 million profit.

NY Governor Peterson will then offer a piece of state property 10 or 8 blocks away from Ground Zero not in the line of sight from the Twin Towers free of charge or a 70-year and $1/yr lease to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Daisy Kahn.

Obama will then help Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Daisy Kahn raise the $100 million needed for the mosque. The agreement between Imam Rauf and Peterson is that  the new and bigger Cordoba House can be bigger and taller and it doesn’t have to be called a community center either.

Sharif El-Gamal is happy because of the $15 million profit.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is happy because he got mosque built not too far from the hollow ground. He also didn’t have to call it a community center and the mosque will not be open to the Jews or Christians.

Daisy Kahn is happy because she didn’t back down from the Muslim haters.

Bloomberg is happy because his liberal reputation was upheld and he comes out stronger than ever.

Peterson is happy because he is looked upon as a effective negtiator.

The families of the 9-11 victims  are happy because the mosque is not pretty far away from the twin tower site.

The tax payers get the bill but the amount of the money involved is so small that the tax payers have no reason to complaint any more.

The American Muslims are now friends of Jews and Christians and everyone live in a big happy family called the New York city.

Taxi drivers from Egypt or Pakistan are happy because they no longer have to be afraid of Christian terrorists slashing Muslim drivers’ throats.

Finally, Obama is happy because Muslims like him and the conservative have no reason to hate him on this issue. He comes out as the Great Healer and somewhere in the Middle East, Muslims may erect a Obama sculpture to commenmorate this once-in-a-life time event. The wise Brother Obama may  even be included in Muslims’ text book and young Muslim school children will forever respect Brother Obama for his courage, wisdom and passion for world peace.

The 21th century crusade is no longer a threat and thew Jihad is also avoided. Muslims, Jews and Christians will live .happily after.

One thousand years from now, Muslim kids all over the world will still talk about Brother Obama.

Well, by that time, the crude oil will only be sold to countries friendly to Muslims because they will be the only countries (other than Canada) still producing oil anyway. The United States may be conquered by Muslims anyway, economically if not by force. And most of the citizens of the United States will be converted to Muslims if they want their daily rations of gasoline.

Obama to raise funds for Cordoba House August 25, 2010

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After Obama is kicked out of the White House, he can travel to Middle East at the expenses of American tax payers to help Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf raise the $100 million needed to build the Cordoba House.

Cordoba House or Park 51? August 25, 2010

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Why did Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf changed the name of Ground Zero Mosque from “Cordoba  House” to “Park 51?”

Hmm, I wonder? Was it because it has something to do with the meaning of Cordoba in the minds of billion Muslims in the world?

Yes, it does. It turned out that the city of Cordoba in Southern Spain was captured in 711 by Muslim army and subsequently became the capital of the region under the control of Caliphate al-Andalus. It symbolizes the dominance of Islam over this region for more than 300 years.

And what did Muslim did when they took over the city of Cordoba? They knocked down a church and built a mosque; the so-called “The Great Mosque of Cordoba” over the site of the church.

Do you see the similarity here?

Muslims knocked down the twin towers and build a mosque 2 blocks away?

Where Obama stand on Ground Zero Mosque? August 17, 2010

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Where exactly did Obama stand on the Cordoba House near ground zero? Is he trying to please people on both sides of the issue?

He was for it on Friday with a spirited declaration of religious freedom in front of Muslim audiences but after criticisms on the news came back Saturday with a yes or no denial.

At least Reid has the guts to say that he is against it.

Obama the politician showed his true color! Again.

Who will actually build the Ground Zero Mosque? August 17, 2010

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Where will Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf find workers in NY to build the Cordoba House near ground zero assuming he gets enough money from Muslims and approval from NY liberals to build it?

Obama and Ground Zero Mosque August 6, 2010

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Will Obama speak out against the construction of a Muslim mosque and Islam activity center called Cordoba House two blocks from ground zero in NY’s financial district?He won’t because he’s a Muslim in his heart.

I am sure that NY and NJ fire fighters have something to say about this place because 9-11 was such a hideous attack on innocent people and what United States stands for. Unfortunately many fire fighters died trying to save other innocent people’s lives. All for the name of a religion! (Anyone wishing for world peace should talk to these people.)

One of my long time customers has written a book about how Muslims wanted to take over the United States and if he’s still alive today would have a lot to say about this issue.

I wonder:

How many fire fighters will come to the rescue if the Cordoba House is caught on fire?

What other activities will the proposed new mosque be used for behind closed doors?

  • Hmm, may be an observation deck to see the new buildings at ground zero.
  • Hmm, may be they’ll preach Sharia to other Americans.

Will the money we spend at gas pumps finds its way to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf via Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, etc. who is looking for $100 million to build this mosque?

Do you care to spare a few bucks, brother?

, a proposed 13-story Islamic cultural center

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