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Another low of U.S. presidency April 15, 2018

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Trump is a character who behaves more like a street bully than a decent and honorable man. He degraded himself and the U.S. presidency in the eyes of the world through his daily name calling and hatred-filled tweets.

His Tweeter diplomacy has been nothing but a joke and the controversies surrounding him are just hard to keep up with.

Now, a new chapter in U.S. presidency is brewing with the imminent release of Comey’s new book Tuesday and the media blitz this weekend.

People all over the world get to see up close what kind of person the U.S. president is from the eyes of none other than the former boss of FBI, a very important and powerful person.

From what have been leaked so far by People who have already seen the book, Trump is a “fill your own words here” which has sinked the U.S. presidency and America to a new low.


When the bad news is overwhelming, change topic April 14, 2018

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That’s what Trump did with Syria missile strikes.

I believe that there will be more strikes over the weekend until Tuesday just to drawn out Comey’s interviews with the major networks.

What do you think of the timing of the strikes? Is it a coincidence or is there a hidden agenda with Trump?

Trump probably sleeps a little better tonight because, in his own mind, he thinks he just let all the air out of Comey’s interviews this weekend.

The irony of Comey vs Trump April 13, 2018

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Comey and Trump, what a political couple: From allies by serendipity to employee and boss to reluctant friends to former employee to name calling to archenemy to making millions from selling books slamming his former boss and Impeachment?

What a great realty show on earth with Trump being mocked at on TV shows and judged by people all over the world. Trump is no longer the boss of the show but a poor old man with an uncertain future and no place to hide. He has few friends but many enemies and his enemies are profiting from the unending saga.

Now we all know how politics is being played at the highest office in the United States of America.

  • Comey helped a great deal to land Trump in the White House by going after Hillary a few days before the election.
  • Comey investigated the “peeing-on-each-other-in-Moscow” Trump which was alleged by Steele’s Russian dossier. Comey was asked by Trump to do so.
  • Trump asked Comey for loyalty and stop Flnny’s investigation by FBI. Comey promised honesty.
  • Trump fired Comey which led to the appointment of special counsel Mueller.
  • Trump calls Comey a “slim ball” and said that “it was my great honor to fire James Comey.” Comey called Trump “unethical, and untethereUfrom truth’.
  • Because of the bad blood between Comey and Trumo, Trump is going to help Comey sell a lot of books.
  • Without Trump, Comey is still working at FBI waiting for his pension. No one will remember who Comey is.
  • Now, thanks to the “weak and untruthful” Trump, the “untruthful slim ball” will live happily after on royalties from his book at the expense of Trump.
  • Poor Trump did all this to himself.

Trump’s doomsday is near: 4/18/2018 April 13, 2018

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James Comey will be signing his new book at Barnes and Noble just north of Union Square in New York.

Will s*** hit the fan?

We shall see.

White House will no doubt call Comey a liar but American people should know better. They know a liar when they see one.

Trump is scared  May 12, 2017

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May be it was the only reason he fired Comey.

I guess that since Comey won’t pledge loyalty to Trump, Trump has no other choice but to get rid of this no use grandstander and showboat.

Well, at least he was honest about how he felt about Comey. Maybe Trump has something to hide and Comey knew it.

But, please, will someone in the WH tell Trump to shut up because everything he said will one day, if necessary, be used to against him in the court of law?

The Trump saga just won’t end. When will Trump start acting like a president? He can’t run the WH like he has been doing since 1/20/2017, can he?

May be Trump is having a good time. You’ll never know.

Trump has no class firing Comey May 10, 2017

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Since Trump isn’t doing a good job either, should Thrump be fired too?

Trump did this to the FBI top guy: 

Fired Comey behind his back first. Said that he no longer trusted Comey. Told the world that Comey was incompetent. Stabbed Comey in the back with a stick of dynamite on national TV. Above all, accused Comey committed atrocities on the job. 

What comes next, Trump decides to resign from the WH because Comey helped Trump defeated Hillary?

What’s between Trump’s two ears? 豆腐腦袋?

Is it possible that Rod Rosenstein had told Trump that Comey has found the smoking gun on Trump’s tie to Russia?

Let’s have a special proscutor to investigate Comey’s firing and stir the Trump pot some more. The messier America gets, the better it is for other countries to get ahead.

Comey, hurry up March 21, 2017

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Trump should tweet this line every day to remind FBI director that he better finishes his investigation soon. 

If Comey drags his feet into late 2018 or even into 2019, Trump will be in big trouble should Democrat win the control of the Senate. Democrat will for sure appoint a special prosecutor to conduct a separate investigation into Trump and his campaign’s connections to Russia government.
And there will be no mercy in the search of any wrongdoings by the POTUS.

Impeachment? Resignation? Everything is possible because liberals hate him.

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