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好戲真的要來了 August 22, 2018

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Cohen has pleaded guilty today and has implicated Trump.

It’s a very bad day for Trump.

However, another lawyer and his now famous client are eager to get into the spotlight.

The real drama ordinary Americans understand and can readily identify with will now begin.

Campaign finance violation is for lawyers and Sunday morning talk shows. Average Joe and Jane don’t care about that.

These people on the main street want to hear what Stormy has to say and cable news will be all over about that too.

Stormy story will be the ultimate reality show on prime time and Americansvcan’t wait.

The stage has been set.

The time is right.

All members of the cast are ready to engage.

Let the curtain rise and let the show begin.

Someone will be fired at the conclusion of the show.


Cohen should hire bodyguards July 27, 2018

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Cohen has been seen walking up and down of Manhattan all by himself.

Source: The Guardian

Maybe he should hire a few bodyguards just in case. After all, we are talking about the president of the United States of America after all.

Source: Flipboard

Things are getting very interesting by the day now and we have a race going on right now: Mueller vs. Cohen. Who will bring down the crook in the White House first?

Your guess is ……

I am betting on Cohen because his show is being directed by Lanny Davis on TV in prime time while Mueller is doing everything behind the closed doors.

If you don’t know who Lanny Davis is, Google him. He is hundred times sharper than the former NYC mayor who is too old to shoot straight. In other words, another dotard.

Explosive speculation but… May 9, 2018

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Source: The New Yorker


Flip, not flip. Flip, not flip. Flip, not flip. Flip, not flip. Flip, not flip.

Die in the jail or 10 years in a minimum security prison in New York.

No chance for presidential pardon.

Flip, America will thank you.

Not fliip, Trump will thank you.


Trump: 多行不義,必自斃 April 19, 2018

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Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump and the attorney-client privilege


Source: Fox News

Listen to what judge Napolitano has to say. It is based on his understanding of the law and it is crucial.

Look for Cohen to flip because he doesn’t want to spend his next 30 years or more in a federal penitentiary for Trump. He may get 10 if he cooperates with the federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

Poor Trump. He can run for the president in 2020 but he can’t hide from three dragnets which are pushing him into a corner.

Will Trump go to jail for whatever he did in the past? I don’t know.

Will Trump be forced to resign from the office if he can get away from jail time? He will for sure.

It strikes me as very funny that any important position in the U.S. government needs a very careful and sometimes tidious vetting process by the FBI to weed out unscrupulous characters. The only execptions are candidates to the president of the United States.

That’s why America produces a character like Trump.

All this mess stems from Trump’s own doing.

We call this “多行不義必自斃” or “多行夜路終遇鬼”。

There are more:


Trump is the president of the United States but he can’t fire Mueller. He can’t fire prosecutors in Manhattan. He can’t fire Stormy.

Look for Trump to fire Sessions soon.

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