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The death of fracking? June 30, 2019

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NASA just made a stunning discovery about how fracking fuels global warming – ThinkProgress


If enough Democratic presidential candidates make this a campaign issue it might just be enough to put an end to America’s growing oil productions from fracking.

Afterall, we are talking about NASA here.

If methane production from fracking isn’t curtailed, summer will get hotter, winter will get colder and human will have no place to hide from the wrath of the mother nature.

Well, with Trump in the WH and with many Republicans and Fox News viewers denying the study results and the connection between methane and the rise of global temperature, America will be responsible for another catastrophy just around the corner.

In 2009, America and American elites took the world for suckers and the world body didn’t do anything to punish the U.S. government.

This time around, shouldn’t something be done to make the guilty party pay and punish the guilty ones?

Electric Bikes January 17, 2011

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Nowadays in Shanghai, we hardly can hear bikes coming from behind because most of them are powered by electricity instead of gasoline.

if I have to guess, I’ll say that only 5% of the bikes on the road were still powered by gasoline. The number may be even smaller because almost all we saw was battery powered.

There are still too many of them on the road though. They have replaced bicycles of the 80’s.

They can go as fast as 20 miles per hour and have help to minimize CO2 emission into the atmosphere.China still has to more because the sky in Shanghai was still cloudy most of the time.

In contrast, almost all bikes in Taipei are still powered by gasoline.

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