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$1 million = 5 minutes October 27, 2016

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Qatar gave $1 million to Clinton Foundation to help “celebrate Bill’s birthday.”

In return, the Qataris sought a “five minute audience” with Bill.

Source: Fox News

Is it possible that that “5-minutes-with-Bill” was remotely connected to the $19 billion weapon sales ?

That’s the American’s way of making it rich off the federal government.
Let me remind you that all these “lobbying” efforts are perfectly legal. America has laws to regulate how “lobbying” can and can not be done. DC has hundreds, if not thousands, of lobbying firms on K street. 

Pentagon’s annual budget is at least $500 billion. 

It is a very, very big pie.

And, there are other federal government agencies with a lot of money too: The Department of Energy, The State Department, The Department of Commerce, The Department of Agriculture, The Department of ………. 

The list goes on.

How is the “American way” different from “under the table” deals going on in other countries?

You tell me.

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