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Yes, it’s fun to think about them September 15, 2018

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One multiple choices question for you to ponder when you aren’t out there making a living:

  • Big bang didn’t happen,
  • There is only one universe after a big bang and we are in it now,
  • There were many big bangs before the one which created our universe,
  • There will be many more big bangs after the one we’re in right now,
  • There are endless big bangs and endless universes.

The Big Bang – or the Big Bounce? April 30, 2017

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The Big Bang – or the Big Bounce? – https://www.ft.com/content/f47b8310-0383-11e7-ace0-1ce02ef0def9 via @FT

Whether it is big bang or big bounce, this is by far the best and easiest-to-understand article about “Big Bang,” written by Sean Carrol for people with no knowledge of how space and time work in the universe that we are in now. It’s an easy and enjoyable read.

Credit: Caleb Charland, Getty. Source: Financial Times.

I am sure you have questions like: 
。What’s before the “big bang?” 

。Did the “big bang” bring with it the beginning of time?

。Was there no time before the “big bang?”

The scientists have no answers for us common folks just yet. They might in a decade or a century. 

But who is counting? After all, the universe has existed for 13.8 billion years, give or take a few millions. 

It can wait.

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