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Isolate Isreal is Obama‘s new Middle East Foreign Policy February 14, 2014

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It appears that the Middle East has entered into a no-man’s land with social unrest, protests on the street, none-stop suicide bombings, ethnic attacks, regional conflicts, killings of innocent civilians and alleged militants by American drones, isolation of Israel and a nuclear Iran.

Lybia continue to be in the headline since the death of Gaddafi, a Sunni. Al Qaeda has emerged as strong as ever with a carefully planned attack on US consulate in Benghazi on 9-11-2012 where American ambassador and three others were killed. The country has fallen into the hands of Muslim Fundamentalists and fighting between tribes sank the nation into civil war and chaos. One thing is clear: the nation is not a friend of the United States and by taking out Gaddafi, America has created an enemy and possible an ally to Iran. To complicate the matter more, much of Lybia’s oil resources in South and East Lybia is controlled by a self-declared autonomous government of Cyrenaica. The separatist group announced that it is in discussion with a number of prospective customers to export crude.  However, the central government doesn’t recognize the separatist government and has forbid any oil shipment to foreign buyers. It is unclear whether the group has the capacity to protect oil transportation and shipments if a deal is stuck because government naval ship has blocked a tanker from loading any crude oil at an oil terminal controlled by the group.  

Egypt, a Sunni country strong enough to withstand the power of Iran, a Shiite nation, has changed from a trusted ally for the US over the last 30 years under President Hosni Mubarak to a region of continuing unrest. It all started with the arrest of Mubarak which was followed by a democratic election when Mohamed Morsi supported by the anti-Semitic and anti-US group: Muslim Brotherhood, was elected president of the nation. After a year in office, President Morsi was removed by the military because he faced massive protest from the opposition. A new government was then installed by the military and a new president, General Abdel Fattah Sisi, was put in the office. The latest development was that a new constitution was overwhelmingly approved by Egyptian people and General Sisi is expected to be the new president under the new constitution. In the mean time, American foreign aids in the form of fighter jets and other weapons have been scaled back but I expect that the aids will continue once dust is settled. As of now, America simply does not know what to say about the Sisi government because it doesn’t know the true nature of the new government.

Syria, a Shiite nation and an ally of Iran, is a mess by any calculation and the two-year old civil war has no sign to stop anytime soon. Many Al Qaeda sympathy groups and foreign fighters have entered the war against the Assad government which is backed by Iran. It will be anyone’s guess what will turn out from the military conflict. Obama has vowed to support the opposition but it is likely that the opposition may be linked to groups sympathetic to Al Qaeda’s cause. Obama has drawn a red line in the sand warning Assad not to use chemical weapons on the opposition. The line has clearly been crossed, possible multiple times, but Obama has failed to carry out his promise and has totally lost credibility among Muslim countries. Obama kicked the political hot potato to the US Congress while he hid behind his supporters. Fortunately Russia’s Putin entered the picture by broker a deal to dismantling Syria’s chemical weapons which saved Obama from total humiliation. It appears that the civil war will in time play out on its own. As of now, the military conflict will remain inside Syria’s border and since the civil war poses threat to America’s national interest and Syria has no oil production to speak of, America is taking a hand off approach for the near future. The fall out of Syria conflict is the rise of Putin’s standing on the international scene and the loss of influence of the United States among Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia (Sunni) is not without political risk. The Saud family has ruled the country for decades. It has spent country’s petro wealth generously on its people so that they will keep the Saud monarchy in power. The Arab Spring is a threat to the House of Saud and political unrest is not out of question inside the Saudi nation either. One thing that works to Al Saud’s favor is that the country of 23 million people, including 5 million from foreign countries, is controlled by about 7,000 princes of the royal family. Of course, any sign of political unrest against the monarchy of Saudi Arabia will upset the equilibrium existed in the energy market. If it happens, a catastrophe on the world economy will happen quickly and decisively. Crude oil price will shot up to $200 and higher and recession will happen if it stays at an elevated level for any long period of time. As of now, it is not likely that anything bad will happen. In these day and age, a monarchy can’t stay in power for an extended period of time.

Even Obama attacked the family of Saud as early as October 2, 2002 in his first foreign policy speech dubbed “Iraq War Speech”: “You want a fight, President Bush? Let’s fight to make sure our so-called allies in the Middle East, the Saudis and the Egyptians, stop oppressing their own people, and suppressing dissent, and tolerating corruption and inequality. . . .” In May 2011, Obama uttered these words on the monarchy of Saudi Arabia: “Prosperity also requires tearing down walls that stand in the way of progress -– the corruption of elites who steal from their people; the red tape that stops an idea from becoming a business; the patronage that distributes wealth based on tribe or sect.” It is clear that things are different under Obama and something unexpected will happen in that region. We just don’t know when.

Saudi’s neighboring country, Bahrain, a Shiite nation, of course, is a very small but important country in the region’s geopolitical scene. America has its 6th Air Carrier Fleet there and it is a small oil producing country in the Middle East. It is also a troubling time bomb waiting to explode. In the early days of March 2011, political protest by the Shiite majority (about 70% of its population) against the Sunni monarchy has been going on for more than a week or two. Saudi, being a Sunni state, was worried because the unrest may spread to its own soil. On March 14, 2011, 2,000 soldiers, 1,200 from Saudi Arabia and 800 from UAE, entered the small country and crushed the protests. Iran, a Shiite dominated country, rejected the military action and called it an invasion.

Iraq and Afghanistan are two countries invaded by the America in their wars against terror. President Bush started the war against Taliban in Afghanistan after 9-11, forced Osama into hiding, created a pro-America government in Kabul, rebuilt the war torn country with US tax money and left a not too small contingent there to prevent the resurgence of Taliban. President Bush then initiated the 2nd Iraq War in 2003, captured Saddam Hussein, created a government under Al Maliki (a pro-Iran Shiite), rebuilt the war-torn country with more US tax money and left a significant number of US soldiers behind to train the Iraqi Army. After Obama got into the WH, he, being a liberal, decided that America should leave Iraq for Iraqi people. Iraq also decided that the country didn’t want any US presence there. The withdraw of US military force began in 2009 and completed in December 2011. Since then, the world has witnessed the country mired in constant suicide bombings and armed attacks. America has no say on the country it helped to rebuild from the ground up and most of Iraqi oil is out of American oil companies’ control. The key for Iraq now is whether it can defend itself against rebels who want to overturn the government. The government is by no means friendly to the US and America has little to say about this country. It seemed to me that all the sacrifices American soldiers made with their lives, sweat and blood and those by other countries’ soldiers, have been in vain. Hundreds of billions, or as much as $6 trillion for Iraq and Afghanistan wars combined, of American tax dollars spent on this country has not gained the US a friend but a less hostile foe. Recent developments inside Iraq painted a worrisome picture because Al Qaeda has captured two cities in Southern Iraq: Fallujah and Ramadi while the capital city of Baghdad has seen bloodshed almost on a daily basis. Even though the problem is Iraqi’s, the implication could be felt worldwide as unrest continues.

American’s war in Afghanistan was less successful because, unlike Iraq where Iraqi tanks and soldiers had little place to hide, Afghanistan is a region best suited for defense. Bush recognized this from analyzing Russia’s defeat in the hands of Mujahedeen in late 1970’s and early 1980’s. As a result, Bush decided to leave some 10,000 soldiers to maintain the security around the site of the new government, the city of Kabul. After Obama got into the WH, he decided that a resurgence of military attack in Afghanistan was necessary. He increased the number of US soldiers there from around 10,000 to as many as 100,000 while Afghanistan posed no apparent threat to America’s national security. At the same time Obama also decided that the war in Afghanistan will end in 2014 and American forces will leave the country by 12/31/2104. In the interim 5 years, billions of US tax dollar have been spent to rebuild the country and thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives for no just cause at all.

As the deadline for withdraw fast approaching, US has requested a small number of American soldiers, 9,000 to 12,000, to be stationed in the country. Afghanistan’s president Kazai has refuse to sign the security treaty with the US and the decision will be pushed back into this year with the new government. More recently, Biden has floated the idea of leaving only 2,000 to 3,000 soldiers behind but a complete withdraw, the so-called “zero-option, is not out of the question either. In the mean time, the Afghanistan government’s control is only limited to the capital region and the majority of the country is really in no-man’s land. The situation there is not promising but I think American will be glad that the US is out of that country. The Obama Afghanistan war has achieved nothing and the only thing it has done is to give the new government some breathing room to build its own security forces. I don’t think it is enough. A total co9llapse is possible and in the end Al Qaeda may have to final say on this country. America’s war on terro will never end and it will be a drag on US resources for decades if not centuries to come. It will end when fundamentalist Muslims decide to stop attack America. It is not a very good picture if you are an American. 

Iran has been a headache for America because Iran has reportedly been working on a nuclear weapon for years and sanctions against the rogue nation have been less effective over the years. Since being the US president, Obama has repeatedly claimed that he will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons.  But after Kerry was appointed secretary of state, America’s policy towards Iran has made an 180o turn probably because Obama and Kerry came to the realization that a nuclear Iran may be inevitable. The recent P5+1 and Iran talks (also called E3+EU+3 – Iran Talks) at Geneva have yielded significant benefits to Iran’s nuclear ambition. In essence, the international community has

  • Recognized Iran’s “right” to enrich uranium for “peaceful” energy purpose.
  • Iran has to “freeze” its nuclear program for 6 months and cease the work of a plutonium reprocessing facility at its Arak nuclear reactor.
  • Iran also agreed to stop enrich uranium at 5% level and accept IEAE cameras and inspections.
  • Iran will be allowed to access $4.2 billion fund previously frozen as part of the financial sanction against Iran by Western countries.
  • In addition, Iran will be allowed to produce its oil resources. It appeared that Iran has achieved the “greatest diplomatic triumph” over the objection of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Of course, Israel was quick to brand the deal as a “historical mistake” and said the world has changed to a more “dangerous” place. Saudi Arabia be I wouldn’t be surprised that one day we may witness a nuclear Iran which could threaten the entire region.

When we discuss the situation in the Middle East, we have to deal with Israel. To say that the situation there is complicated is a gross understatement because Obama, after his occupation of the WH, has completely turned the American foreign policy on Israel upside down. The assault on Israel began at home with Obama’s choices for the Secretary of State, Clinton and later Kerry, Secretary of Defense, Hagel and CIA chief, Brennan. All these four influential people are more or less against Israel’s policy and thing got worse from there.

Obama since 2009 has decided that it was necessary to adopt a new approach toward Israel; arguably the most trusted ally US has in the region since the late 1940’s. Obama reportedly has decided that Israel is the source of the unrest in Middle East and American policy on Israel has prevented the US having a normal relationship with 57 Muslim countries in the world. He chose to turn his back against Israel, specifically towards Netanyahu.

During his time in the WH, Obama made friendly offers to Palestine people and the Muslim world but changed his attitude towards Israel. At the same time, he continued to tell lies to American Jews, who overwhelmingly (80%) helped to vote him into the WH in 2009:

“I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more in terms of the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration.” 

But his actions and words said something quite different. In fact, Obama could be the most hostile president against Israel since Jimmy Carter. Consider the following from Obama:

  • Obama, in his Cairo speech, demanded unprecedented concessions from Israel while asking nothing from the Palestinians.
  • In the same speech, Obama accentuate the controversy that Israel exists only because of European nations’ guilt over the Holocaust and compared Palestinian’s “suffering” to genocide.
  • ·         In his 2010 UN speech, Obama talked about “coming back next year with a new member of the United Nations; an independent and sovereign state of Palestine.
  • The United States under Obama does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements into West Bank and East Jerusalem and consider “settlement” as the source of what is wrong about the Israel-Arab conflict.
  • In May 2010, Obama demanded that Israel must come to the negotiating table with the precondition of returning to the “1967 borders.”
  • All the while, Obama has never condemned Palestinians to stop their anti-Semitic propaganda against Israel; such as publicly proclaiming that they will never recognize a Jewish State and calling for Israel’s destruction.
  • In May 2011, he pressed forward the theory of “linkage” which links the Arab-Israeli conflict to the root of all geopolitical problems in the Mideast and called on Israel to retreat to the so-called 1949 armistice lines. He also insisted on Arabs’ right of return.
  • Obama has withdrawn the landing rights for Israel airplanes to US airbases in the Middle East, Turkey, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Israel had these rights under the Bush, Clinton and Bush Jr. administrations. Now Israeli airplanes has no place to re-fuel anywhere in the Middle East except its own soil.
  • According to an unconfirmed report from a Wall Street insider, Obama has sent messages to Iran through back channels in Europe that America will not support an Israeli military attack of Iran’s nuclear facilities. It was said that there are 30 military facilities in Iran and four of them have underground bunkers.
  • Among the most egregious act by Obama was humiliating Netanyahu by forcing him to enter the WH through a service entrance for a meeting with Obama. It was reported that Obama deliberately served non-kosher food to Netanyahu and refused to dine with him.
  • During the same meeting, Obama lectured Netanyahu that he is not permitted to attack Iran, he has to withdraw all forces from the West Bank and he may not build any more settlements in East Jerusalem.
  • After insulting Netanyahu, Obama hosted Abbas at the WH and increased American assistance to the PA by $70 million.

Well, this is not the end of it. According to source linked to Chinese’s Xinhua news service that Kerry, US Secretary of State, proposed to Abbas to “return” 80, 000 Palestinian “refugees” to Israel. He also proposed to offer U.S. troops to help secure borders of the “New State of Palestine” and be stationed at Jordan Valley where Israeli forces are. There is also unconfirmed report that Kerry will support boycotting against Israeli products in Europe and against Israeli companies operating in Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem and the Golan Heights if talk between Israel and PA fail to gain any traction.

Wow, we are really at an unprecedented moment in the Middle East conflict where Israel was humiliated, coerced and bullied by a seating US president who has convinced himself that Israel is the source of all Middle East problems while giving Muslims a big pass. He believed that American’s interests are at odds with those of Israel. Obama may actually sees Israel as the biggest threat against the United States and if Israel is gone, Muslims’ hatred against the US will be minimized.

In my humble opinion, I think that Obama, being a closet Muslim himself, believed that being unfriendly or even hostile to Israel would appease to Muslims in the region. He allegedly told Netanyahu that Israel needs the US but US doesn’t need Israel. Obama believed that hostility against Israel would in turn make Arab countries friendlier to Obama and the US. However, this one-sided policy has only one possible outcome: It will drive Israel away from the United States, solidify Israelis to stand up for their country’s survival and force Israel to take the matter in its own hands, reads military action, when it is necessary to do so.

Sure enough, Israel announced that it will continue its expansion project into West Bank and East Jerusalem with yet more new housing developments. As of now, there are as many as 700,000 settlers in these regions. Regarding Iran, Netanyahu has more than once said that they will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities when it determines that the military is necessary.

What may also happen before Iran is about to gain an up-hand on nuclear weapons is a nuclear arm race where Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Turkey and Egypt may want to have the same capabilities in order to neutralize the threat from Iran.

Wow, what has this world finally come down to with one man’s anti-Israel policy? Was he trying to bring down the Netanyahu government? Was he trying to establishing a better relationship with Muslim countries by bashing Israel in public? Was he trying to hide his no-so-effective sanction policy against Iran’s nuclear ambition? Was he trying to withdraw America from the Middle East conflict because the US is financially incapable of doing so? And most important of them all, did Obama actually think his anti-Israel foreign policy has a chance of achieving lasting peace in the Middle East any time soon? I don’t have an answer but I think that Obama actually has a personal grudge against Netanyahu.

I am afraid to think what could be next in that region when the world thinks the danger of a nuclear Iran is over after the P5+1 and Iran Talk. I can say this unequivocally that there will be no world peace so long as new foreign policy experiments are being conducted by Obama with Israel on one side against Muslims on the other.  

We may have to settle for a post Israel era in the Middle East!


Gift to Kerry from Netanyahu August 13, 2013

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Here is the BIG headline from Reuters:

Peace talks resume under cloud of Israeli construction


And this is what Netanyahu is offering to The US and Kerry:

  • A small carrot: Release of 26 Palestinian prisoners.
  • A BIG “Don’t mess with me” warning sign: Construction of 3,100 new settlement homes in West Bank.

26 vs. 3,100: no comparison in numbers at all.

So, after construction finishes, more than 7,000 new Israeli residents will be living there.

What are you going to do, Kerry?

You can bitch all you want behind closed doors; I politicians like you do that away from cameras, but you have little option to stop Netanyahu from completing these new houses.

Israel needs new land. Israel needs new citizens. Netanyahu will continue to do what he thinks is the best for Israel whether USA likes it or not.

Do you think this run of peace talk will be going anywhere?

Palestine will protest. Palestinian chief negotiator will walk out of the meeting.

And that will be the end of it.

Peace in the Middle East? Not in another 1,000 years!


Abbas invited to White House May 12, 2010

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has been invited to the White House sometime in the future.

Look for newspaper headlines, photos and state dinner when he comes to DC. Obama will put on a big show to please his fellow Muslims and Arabs.

Have you heard of Benjamin Netanyahu?  Have you seen his picture with Obama lately? Of course not. Obama is doing all he can to humiliate Israel’s prime minister to please his Muslim friends.

This is Obama’s core Middle East policy. And Hillary is doing his dirty deeds.

Can someone answer these questions:

1.    Is it possible that the real Obama is a Muslim?

2.    How come Jews in the United States are overwhelmingly pro-Democrat over the years and voted for Obama in 2008? It is beyond me.

3.    What is Obama’s real intention to put down Israel and put Israel into a corner?

4.    Has Israel been put on notice that it will be on its own to bomb Iran’s nuclear facility when the time comes?

5.    Has the United States threatened Israel to withdraw the financial aids or military assistance from the U.S. when Benjamin Netanyahu visited the White House recently? Very strange.

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