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马英九 can teach Obama a Lesson October 23, 2013

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Of course, 马英九 can learn something from Obama too.

By extension, 国民党 should take a page out of Democrats when it comes to protecting its leader, 马英九 .

From 马英九  to Obama:

Obama should:

  1. Bow to American citizens on national TV for lying to American people on everything he said on Obamacare such as cheaper by $2,500 for everyone, keep you doctor if you want to and stay with the same insurance company if you so desire. He should admit that Obamacare the product has officially changed to Obamashame.
  2. Obama then should formed an independent but Democratic leaning committee to investigate who did what wrong; starting from Obama all the way down to project engineers and software engineers.. Obama should then set the records straight on national TV and tells American people what Obamashame really is.
  3. Obama should fire Sibelius for utterly incompetency and lie to the Congress.
  4. Obama should at Sibelius’s farewell party praise her for her loyalty and for taking the heat and protect Obama from being the target of the criticism.
  5. Fire everyone involved in this project starting from the government liaison to the contractors, his or her bosses, project engineers, project managers, section managers and division managers. Take out their retirement benefits and ask them pay for the damage too.

马英九 can learn these from Obama:

  1. Never bow to Taiwanese people on national TV. Once you bow, you are telling others that this was my fault. The case in point: Army corporal 洪仲丘 was tortured to death while serving his duty in July 2013. Someone else did it. Not 马英九.
  2. Don’t admit any mistake. 死不认账也 because once 马英九 admit he made a mistake, 马英九 will then own the hot potato and he’ll instantly become the target for 民进党。马英九 will 吃不完兜着走。
  3. 马英九 should go on national TV and start doing his best to preach the idea,  sell the products or explain the idea to Taiwanese people. Remember your target audience is the ones who are on the other side of the fence; i.e., 民进党。
  4. Holding back on firing anyone in your party until it becomes necessary. Let your subordinates defend their positions until it requires your attention. You don;t have to everything yourself.
  5. Start focusing on something else. Have your spokesperson say that you will be on vacation, play golf, fly to South America or Africa on an unexpected visit.
  6. Tell Taiwanese people that your idea is the best one government has come up with. Tell them once. Tell them twice. Tell them three times. Have you people go on national TV too. After you tell them a thousand times, it will be a good idea. Lie if you have to. Obama did it all the time. Many, not all, liberals in America are very gullible. They don’t think. They follow because they are blind to the facts. Taiwanese people maybe like them too.

Now, this is what 国民党 and every 国民党员 can learn from the Democrats:

Democrats circle the wagon to protect their own; be it Obama, Obamashame, Sibelius, Dodd, Frank or Rangel. Until the last minute: such as Anthony Weiner of NY. Democrat is united. This is why they defeated Republicans all the time.

Of course, Republicans are fighting a losing battle because the liberal media, such as CNN, NYT, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, is not on their sides. Not even once.

Above all, when chief justice Roberts is on Obama’s side, misguided he maybe, Obama got it made. Period.

Poor 马英九,he always end up as 众矢之的 when someone else made The mistake。



Weiners and Clintons: A Combination made in Heaven. July 25, 2013

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Watch out, New York! Clinton junior is asking for your votes. And Hillary junior is helping him out.

Weiner, or Carlos Danger, along with Huma have taken a page right out of Clinton and Hillary’s play book.

Listen to Weiner in case you’ve missed it: “I love her.” (smiles exchanged.) “She loves me. We have a son. Nothing else matters.”

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/07/25/huma-abedin-faces-employment-questions/#ixzz2a7IiiNQm

Yeah! Except Weiner’s political career, Huma’s salaries and Weiner’s perversive life style.

It appears that traditional family value isn’t that important to American politicians

Here is why:

Thomas Jefferson                            President of the United States

John F. Kennedy                        President of the United States

Bill Clinton                                President of the United States

David Petraeus                         CIA Director

Newt Gingrich                          Speaker of the House

Arnold Schwarzenegger           Governor, California

Gary Condi                               Representative, California

John Edwards                           Senator, North Carolina

Anthony Weiner                       Representative, New York

Mark Sanford                           Representative, South Carolina

Barney Frank                            Representative, Massachusetts

Eliot Spitzer                              Governor, AG, New York

David Wu                                  Representative, Oregon

John Ensign                               Senator, Nevada

Henry Hyde                               Representative, Illinois

Robert Livingston                     Representative, Louisiana

Dan Burton                                Representative, California

Gary Hart                                   Senator, Colorado

Collectively, these famous American politicians have set a great example for American teenagers and young kids. We call it”以身做则“ or watch what I do not what I say.

I hope young parents have a good answer in mind when their kids are old enough to raise questions on these politicians’ behaviors. Oh! infidelities among movie stars or athletes such as Tiger Woods, are a given. That’s just the way it is. It’s the American way. No explanation is necessary.

No wonder the divorce rate in America is approaching 40% for all married couples; down from nearly 50% in the 1980’s.

What a great country America is! It probably ranks no. 1 in this category as well!

Well, an improvement is an improvement! Can’t argue with the trend, can I?

Is this the product of feminism or is there more to it than that? I guess this qualifies as one of the “progresses” of a progressive civilization.

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