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U.S. won’t cooperate with China and Russia. Ever. May 6, 2019

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A US detente with China and Russia would boost the world economy – https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/06/detente-with-china-and-russia-would-boost-world-economy—commentary.html

The reason for that logic is very simple: China’s astonishing rise over the last three decades has rattled the U.S. policy makers and has threatened America’s hegemony.

America, an imperialist country judging by its actions in the past several decades, realized that China one day will take the throne away from America and it is doing all it can to prevent that from happening.

What can the only reason for having 100+ military bases around the world be except to maintain total supremacy over all other nations primarily Russia during the Cold War era and China now?

Robust world economy accelerates the growth of less developed countries’s GDP. That by default, is a no no for the U.S. and is inherentally not something the U.S. wants to see.

Western decadence puts democracy at risk – MarketWatch February 4, 2019

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I like to see more government shutdowns in the U.S.

I like to see Trump gets impeached.

I like to see Trump watching more Fox News and getting his foreign and domestic policies from talk heads.

I like to see the U.S. spending more on those 700+ military bases in other countries.

I like to see 70% tax bracket and wealth taxes for the super rich.


Government shutdown keeps the Congress and the WH butt heads. In the end, nothing gets done.

Trump impeachment will keep the U.S. further divided along the ideology line.

Watching Fox News will bring out the worst policies from Trump.

Spending on military will only get America further into debt. These investments are useless against Russia and China anyway. Will America fight an all out war against Russia or China? Most likely not. So, what’s the point of making more aircraft carriers anyway when annual deficit is over $1 trillion and the entitlement programs are facing insolvency?

Higher taxes on the rich will eventually keep their capitals away from the U.S.

I can continue.

The Post-War Order is in danger of collapse February 6, 2017

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So said General Petraeus on 2/1/2017 to the House Armed Services Committee.

He said that the world order “did not will itself into existence. (The U.S.) created it. Likewise, it is not naturally self-sustaining. (The U.S.) have sustained it. If (The U.S.) stop doing so, it will fray and, eventually, collapse.”

What America did was “establishing a system of global alliances and security commitments underwritten by US military power” which was accomplished by deploying arm forces in Europe and Asia. America also adopted a foreign policy to “protect and, where possible, promote freedom abroad along with human rights and rule of law.”

What Petraeus actually meant was America has “destablized the government of an unfriendly country, invaded it if necessary, established a new government, picked a pro-U.S. leader to head the government and built the nation using American tax dollar.”

That’s what post-war order Gen. Petraeus was telling the committee about.

Unfortunately, the World Order or hegemony enjoyed by the U.S. has hit a snag because nations’ building in the Middle East has been a total disaster since 9-11. What Obama did over the past eight years has emboldened Putin, given Iran a new life, made a mess in the Middle East and destablized Europe Union with millions of Muslim immigrants. Financial crisis in 2009 epitomize the failure of capitalism heavily promoted by America. Finally, China’s rise has begun to threaten America’s hegemony since WWII.

No wonder Gen. Petraeus was so nervous.

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