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Bomb or not bomb Iraq? August 8, 2014

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Here is what Obama the Community Organizer has to say about sending in fighter jets to Iraq:

“Today, America is coming to help,” he said, noting that although the United States “cannot and should not” intervene every time there’s a crisis in the world, it must act when innocent people are facing violence on a horrific scale.

Syria is killing a lot of innocent people and the scale is horrific. Obama should send in fighter jets too. How come he has not?

Israel is killing a lot of innocent people in Gaza and the scale is equally horrific. Should Obama drop a few bombs in Israel too if you follow Community Organizer’s logic?

So many innocent people have been killed all over the world.

Look at Africa. How come the United States isn’t in Rwanda? How come the United States isn’t in Congo?

Look at Middle East. How come the United States isn’t in Syria?

There are several very simple and straight forward answers:

  • These countries don’t have oil.
  • These countries don’t have nuclear bombs.
  • These countries don’t have strategical value at all.
  • These countries don’t have natural resources US needs.
  • These countries don’t have new governments America built.
  • These countries don’t make things that can’t be sourced from other countries.
  • These countries have too much mountain terrains for their soldiers to hide from bombs.
  • There countries don’t have friends in the world who care about what’s going on out there. In short, there isn’t enough public outcry to force the US gets off from its butt to do anything.

Let the killing go on. America doesn’t care. America has double if not triple standards. They choose bombing targets very carefully.


Putin/Obama authorizes airstrikes in Ukraine/Iraq to ‘protect Russian/US personnel.’ August 8, 2014

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Here is the headline on RT on August 08, 2014 at 04:05:

Obama authorizes airstrikes in Iraq to ‘protect US personnel’

Reuters / Bogdan Cristel

Reuters / Bogdan Cristel

President Obama announced on Thursday that he has authorized the use of airstrikes in Iraq if they are necessary to protect American personnel.
I guess it will be okay if you see this headline:

Putin authorizes airstrikes in Ukraine to ‘protect Russian personnel.’

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