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Democracy runs amok August 12, 2015

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Obama shoveled the (not so) Affordable Care Act down Americans’ throats despite opposition from majority of Americans.

Obama was able to push the unpopular law through the Congress because Democrat had the White House, super majority on Senate and owned the House.

Democracy was pushed aside and the voice of the majority was ignored.

This was Democracy American style.

Obama isn’t alone in the display of his arrogance and he’s a first rate copycat in Asia.

Abe rammed through the unpopular ‘arming the Japanese military’ law or ‘Article 9’ of the Japanese Constitution through the ‘National Diet’ because Abe owns the lower house and controls the upper house after a snap election.


Poll showed that a majority of Japanese people are against the law. But, to hell with people’s wish, this Is Democracy at work:manipulated by politians.

This law, once passed, will allow Japanese jets to fly with American’s F-22 and later F-35 all over the world depending on how Japan interpret the law.

I believe America encourages this because the U. S. Desperately needs help. To the U.S., NATO nations are poor partners and they can’t Do anythin. Putin is giving them enough problems already. Beside, the Cold War against China has just begun and Japan is a willing partner.

The problem for the U.S. and Japan Is that they both live in the poor house and have to print money to pay bills until cows come Home.

Hold me Accountable October 31, 2013

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In the US federal government, “hold me accountable” means lateral transfer to another job and then get a promotion a few months later. It also means that the person was instructed to take the heat from the opposition, i.e., the Republicans, and do everything he or she can to protect the president at all cost.

Sebelius declared at Congressional testimony that she’s the one to blame and, reading between lines, Obama is not to be touched.

She was embarrassed in public for one day but she became the hero in the Democrat Party and the White House because she did her job at protecting Obama. There was no demotion. There was no salary cuts. There is no firing from her job. There is no elimination of her pensions. There is no punishment at all.

As such she’ll have the full confidence of the president and will stay in her job because no one can touch her. Republicans can say whatever they want, they have no say at all.

This is what “hold me accountable” mean in the US Federal Government.

What can we concerned citizens do under the democracy system?

Nothing! Nothing at all!

You are told that you have to wait 4 years until the next election cycle. American people get to exercise their scared “rights” and elect the next president, Congresspersons and Senators. Well, only about 55% of all eligible voters vote and a little more than 50% of the votes had put Obama back to the White House: that’s less than 30% of American people dictates the direction of the government of the US in the next 2 and 4 years.

That is scary!

This is what American people are overwhelmingly proud of: Democracy. The liberals think this is the Holy Grail of governing!

I say that “It is a joke!”

Democracy is broken in the US!

Obamacare and U.S Federal Deficit July 8, 2013

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Obamacare, or the government’s takeover of the U.S. health providing system, is messy,unpopular and very expensive. On top of that, the government had four years to get it ready but can’t.

What an incompetent bunch from the White House on down!

No wonder the U.S., under Obama, is sliding down further by the day: first on the foreign policy front; now their crown jewel: Obamacare.

The small business will be glad to take the delay even though the move is purely political.

While White House is at it, Obama should announce the delay of the individual mandate and get it over with.

Republicans are a sorry bunch too! They are not a good opposition party at all! They are all talks and no action: case in point: IRS‘s secret agenda. No one goes to jail for this?

People will remember what Obama and Democrats have done in the past 5 years when they go to the polls in November no matter how much Obama and the Democrats wants to hide it.

One thing is for sure though: the federal deficit will remain at an elevated level for decades to come. The national debt will push up to 120% of the GDP  in no time.

With Uncle Ben trying to get tapering started before he leaves the office by February, 2014, long term rates will rise as many have predicted.

10-year rate will rise to 4%, as suggested by Goldman Sachs, and mortgage rate will push 5% soon putting pressure on the phony housing recovery.

Auto sale will come down too.

Interest payment by the federal government will go up. U.S. Treasury will continue to borrow and the vicious cycle will never stop. U.S. dollar will depreciate further.

In the end, the suckers who end up paying for all these will be the 99%, especially the younger generations.

The old guys and gals will pay for it in the form of less benefits and poorer quality of health care in their remaining life.

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