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Big trouble for Trump and Republican majority May 14, 2017

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If Democrat took the Senate in 2018, Trump will be in troubled wster until he leaves the WH in 2020. If Democrat took the House, Trump might get impreached. The liberal judges on the Supreme Court won’t retired until Trump is out in 2020.


Very amusing February 18, 2017

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I like the way Bloomberg editors describe Trump’s first month at the Throne.

Source: Bloomberg

Trump’s dramatic rise to power since becoming Republican Party’s presidential candidate and his tulmaltuous setback in the White House plays out in front of the world like a free reality show.
Will the Democrat take control of the Senate in 2018? If Republican loses the mid-term election and yield the control of Senate to the Democrat, Trump will be in deep trouble in the second half of his term.

By then, investigating Trump’s Russian ties will be a side show comparing to, dare I say, impeachment?

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