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蔥油餅 – 特大號 April 13, 2017

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老口味 Lao Hou Wei in Elmhurst, NY April 27, 2011

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I saw this news on Chinese newspaper about this restaurant in Elmhurst and decided to give it a try.

老口味 “lao3 kou3 wei4” hails itself as the house of dumplings and beef hand-drawn noodles and those are the dishes we tried.

The restaurant is very small: the old and shady dinning room has about 20 seats. The small kitchen is open for everyone to see when I placed my order to a young woman who looks like an employee at my restaurant.

We ordered 韭菜鍋貼 “jiu3 cai4 guo1 tie1” pan-fried pork and Chinese chive dumplings (4 for $1.25,) ﹐ 水餃 “shui3 jiu3” boiled pork and vegetable dumplings (8 for $2.50,) 牛肉麵 “niu2 rou4 main4” beef noodles ($4.95,) and 蔥油餅 “cong1 you2 bing3” Scallion pancakes (2 for $2.75.)

They didn’t have any 小菜 “xiao3 cai4” so that we didn’t order any. They have soft drinks, soy bean milk, water and herbal tea but no beer.

Their 韭菜鍋貼, 水餃  and 蔥油餅  were all very good: right amount of seasoning, tender pork,  thin dumpling skins and all taste good without any sauce.

The beef noodle isn’t that great because the broth is a little light and the noodle, yes the hand-drawn noodle, was a total disappointment. it lacked the chewieness I was expecting. It tasted just like the dry noodles came from a box.

Go for the pan-fried dumplings and scallion pancakes but not the beef hand-drawn noodles if you don’t mind the not that clean look of the dinning room.

I may go back one more time though. I want to try their 茴香水饺 “hui2 xiang1 shui3 jiao3.” If I am right, we are talking about Fennel boiled dumplings. And that’s something I have never tried before.

Also on the menu that I like to try is 炸醬麵 “zha4 jiang4 mian4,” noodles in pork and fermented bean sauce.

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