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Learning Chinese April 20, 2010

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Lately I have been helping XB on his Chinese and I am surprised at his progress.

Here is a short essay on OPEC he emailed to me yesterday. It’s relevant to my job at Mobil and I found it very interesting.

Here is his essay:

石油輸出國組織成立的目的是協調與統一成員國的石油政策,確保石油市場的穩定,以維持向石油消費國有效、經濟、而穩定的供應。石油輸出國組織定期舉行成員國石油部長的高峰會,以決定各成員國的產油量目標及將石油在國際市場的價格使固定。通過限制產油量,成員國可以 提高出口石油的收益,且撤除有害與不必要的石油價格波動。


Judging from this article, I think XB has obviously learned a lot since he went to Taiwan six or seven months ago.

But, on some sentences, XB is still going through what I struggled through when I first came to this country.

Nearly 37 years ago, I came to the United States with very little money and 很爛的英文 “hen3 lan4 de1 yin1 wen2.” I remembered when I had to express myself  in English; I’d put together a sentence in Chinese first and then translated it into English before I could say anything.

With that said, he is very good for someone who started learning Chinese  so late in his life.

Both Bao and I are happy for him.

Here is the same article with my changes:



By the way, OPEC had only 1 MM b/d spare capacity when oil price reached $147/b in 2008. With the financial crisis, great recession and a jobless recovery, their spare capacity has increased to roughly 4 to 5 MM b/d.

Historical norm has been around 2 to 4 MM b/d for a long time.

Sadly to say, only OPEC countries have spare capacities. Oil productions in all other major oil producing countries have been on decline. Some of them precipitously.

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