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统一阪急百货 December 25, 2010

Posted by hslu in Taiwan.
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Xiao took us to this new department store call 统一阪急百货 to experience the latest fad in Taipei’s East Side.

There were thousands of people, mostly teenagers and college students, inside the beautiful store. We were treated like a herd of cattle following a pre-determined path on the first few floors.  At the food court, people lined up 20 to 30 deep just to get a cup of  珍珠奶茶 “zhen1 zhu1 nai3 cha2” or an ice cream cone. Other food counters had even more people waiting to get something to eat.

To us, we were like 乡下佬进城 真是 大开眼界. Or was it more like 刘姥姥逛大观园 “liu2 lao3 lao3 guang4 da4 guan1 yuan2?

it was fun though.

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