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马英九 can teach Obama a Lesson October 23, 2013

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Of course, 马英九 can learn something from Obama too.

By extension, 国民党 should take a page out of Democrats when it comes to protecting its leader, 马英九 .

From 马英九  to Obama:

Obama should:

  1. Bow to American citizens on national TV for lying to American people on everything he said on Obamacare such as cheaper by $2,500 for everyone, keep you doctor if you want to and stay with the same insurance company if you so desire. He should admit that Obamacare the product has officially changed to Obamashame.
  2. Obama then should formed an independent but Democratic leaning committee to investigate who did what wrong; starting from Obama all the way down to project engineers and software engineers.. Obama should then set the records straight on national TV and tells American people what Obamashame really is.
  3. Obama should fire Sibelius for utterly incompetency and lie to the Congress.
  4. Obama should at Sibelius’s farewell party praise her for her loyalty and for taking the heat and protect Obama from being the target of the criticism.
  5. Fire everyone involved in this project starting from the government liaison to the contractors, his or her bosses, project engineers, project managers, section managers and division managers. Take out their retirement benefits and ask them pay for the damage too.

马英九 can learn these from Obama:

  1. Never bow to Taiwanese people on national TV. Once you bow, you are telling others that this was my fault. The case in point: Army corporal 洪仲丘 was tortured to death while serving his duty in July 2013. Someone else did it. Not 马英九.
  2. Don’t admit any mistake. 死不认账也 because once 马英九 admit he made a mistake, 马英九 will then own the hot potato and he’ll instantly become the target for 民进党。马英九 will 吃不完兜着走。
  3. 马英九 should go on national TV and start doing his best to preach the idea,  sell the products or explain the idea to Taiwanese people. Remember your target audience is the ones who are on the other side of the fence; i.e., 民进党。
  4. Holding back on firing anyone in your party until it becomes necessary. Let your subordinates defend their positions until it requires your attention. You don;t have to everything yourself.
  5. Start focusing on something else. Have your spokesperson say that you will be on vacation, play golf, fly to South America or Africa on an unexpected visit.
  6. Tell Taiwanese people that your idea is the best one government has come up with. Tell them once. Tell them twice. Tell them three times. Have you people go on national TV too. After you tell them a thousand times, it will be a good idea. Lie if you have to. Obama did it all the time. Many, not all, liberals in America are very gullible. They don’t think. They follow because they are blind to the facts. Taiwanese people maybe like them too.

Now, this is what 国民党 and every 国民党员 can learn from the Democrats:

Democrats circle the wagon to protect their own; be it Obama, Obamashame, Sibelius, Dodd, Frank or Rangel. Until the last minute: such as Anthony Weiner of NY. Democrat is united. This is why they defeated Republicans all the time.

Of course, Republicans are fighting a losing battle because the liberal media, such as CNN, NYT, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, is not on their sides. Not even once.

Above all, when chief justice Roberts is on Obama’s side, misguided he maybe, Obama got it made. Period.

Poor 马英九,he always end up as 众矢之的 when someone else made The mistake。



马英九在台湾水门案输的好惨 – Wiretapping Taiwanese Style October 6, 2013

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Because of Watergate, Nixon resigned as the president of the United States.

马英九 probably will not be forced to resign as Taiwan‘s president due to his involvement in Taiwanese Watergate because Taiwan’s presidency is well protected under the constitution and impeachment is a very high huddle to cross. He and his party, 国民党, however will pay a hefty political price because of many personal mistakes made by 马英九.

马英九, basically threw his entire law training from Harvard Law School out of the window and let his personal animosity against 王金平 clouded his judgement from the very beginning.

马英九 has done irrevocable damages to his partyHe should resign as the chairman of 国民党. 国民党 will lose more seats at 立法院 next year. It probably will lose in the mayoral and county official elections too.

In a nutshell, this is why 马英九 failed so miserably:

  • First of all, the root cause of 马英九’s debacle is his determination to remove 王金平 as 立法院院长;the chairman of Taiwan’s legislature body; 立法院. 王金平, being a member of 马英九’s party, may have showed more affiliation to the causes of the opposition party than those of his own party. In short, as far as 马英九 is concern, 王金平 is in the way. He must go. The question is how to remove him.
  • 马英九, as the chairman of 国民党, did the following; many of them unwise and not very well thought of. It showed his total incompetency and lack of judgement. The worst nightmare for 马英九 was that the whole drama got played out on national TV like a soap opera for every citizen and foreigners to watch. 马英九 and all his subordinates’ incompetence had no place to hide:
    1. Used illegally obtained information (via wiretapping on an unrelated matter, hence the Watergate connection) and instructed the head of Taiwan’s secret service agency to announce 王金平’s unethical activities with a leader of the opposition party while 王金平 was out of the country to marry his second daughter;
    2. Deprived 王金平 due process to proof his innocence and declared openly that 王金平 was guilty as charged;
    3. On the day of 王金平 daughter’s wedding, 马英九 publicly demanded 王金平’s return to answer the charges;
    4. Publicly humiliate 王金平 and called him unfit to be the chairman of 立法院 and remove his party membership.
    5. The president office publicly suggested that the vice chairman of 立法院 is more fit to takeover王金平’s position because she is well qualified and, more importantly, loyal to 国民党.

As 王金平 fought to regain his reputation and to keep his 立法院院长 position with overwhelming support from members of the opposition party, 马英九‘s lack of judgement  and his subordinates’ incompetency were revealed one piece at a time like peeling an onion; layer by layer and none of them was good for 马英九 though.

  • The information gathered from wiretapping on 王金平 may not stand in court. The wiretapping was granted by the court for something and someone else.
  • By most accounts, the head of the secret service agency shouldn’t give the information gathered from wiretapping to 马英九 because the case wasn’t revealed to the public and the persons involved.
  • The punishment to 王金平, if he is unethical as charged, should be taken of  by 立法院 according to its regulations. 马英九, being Taiwan’s President, has no authority over this matter. He over-stepped his bound.
  • 马英九, as the chairman of 国民党, ran with this information and removed 王金平’s party membership and as 立法院院长. In essence, 马英九 used his unique position (President and party chairman) to interfere with the internal matter of a department of the government.
  • The lower court and the higher court ruled in favor of 王金平 and allowed him to stay as 立法院院长. 

In the end, 马英九 and members of his inner circle have to be deposed for their roles in the wiretapping matter. They probably will answer to 立法院’s inquire in the coming days and months too. The legality of 马英九 and others’ knowledge of information from wiretapping before it was revealed publicly will be determined soon. The result of this investigation may be unfavorable to 马英九 too.

马英九 was going to appeal high court’s unfavorable decision to the highest court in the land but decided to give it up. 王金平 will for sure keeps his chairman position and party membership. As such, 王金平 will be an even bigger eyesore to 马英九 going forward. The worst part of all these is that 马英九 still has to rely on 王金平 to move his agenda in 立法院. However, the damage has been done. We call this: 泼出的水已经是收不回来了。

Many people involved in wiretapping and its illegal revelation before its time, including judges and the head of the secret service agency, will probably lose their jobs and possibly their retirement benefits too. Most if not all are members of 国民党.

The opposition party,民进党, will for sure call on 马英九 and the head of the executive department to resign. An impeachment movement may be in the work too. It probably will not go very far but it is an embarrassment to 马英九 and a constant reminder to Taiwan’s citizens of 马英九’s incompetency. For sure, the opposition party will get as much benefit from 马英九’s missteps. They will drag this drama out.

马英九’s legacy will forever be tarnished by his bumbler description and his lack of judgement on this matter.

The damage to 国民党 has been done. I can not image just how low the morals of members of 国民党 could be at this time. The impact to 国民党 on next year’s general election could be severe. The chance of 国民党’s 2016 presidential election no doubt also took a hit.

Above it all, no one in the government will seriously work on reviving the economy which is in the tank right now. GDP growth of 5 or 6% has been replaced by words like 保2有望;meaning maintaining at 2% level is a possibility.

马英九又输了。这次他和国民党输得很惨。马英九的正义大旗已被撕得粉碎。他被民进党和王金平打的全无还手之力。马英九实在好可怜!许多国民党的党员一定很灰心:为什么他们选出来的总统一而再再而三的让他们失望?I don’t have an answer.

In many ways, 马英九 is the Jimmy Carter of Taiwan: a good and honest person, insisting on doing everything big and small himself but the job was way over his head. He is, based on his past performance, more than likely to fail in the end.

Well, 马英九 still has three years to prove everybody wrong.

I wonder what the White House has to say in private. More importantly, will 习近平 re-evaluate China’s policy wrt Taiwan?If he does, what will it be?




马英九做台湾总统做的还真惨呢! October 3, 2013

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1.   身为台湾的总统以及国民党的党主席,台湾国民党指派做了十年以上的立法院院长出国在马来西亚的一个小岛上嫁女儿,马英九怎么能够不知道?他的幕僚是干嘛的?他的幕僚无能也就显得马英九无能,你说是吗?马英九那又能怪谁呢?再说,马英九指派的立法院院长嫁女儿也不关照总统和党主席一声,那也太不给马英九面子了吧?我说这个立法院院长根本不把马英九放在眼里,你说是不是?

2.   马英九由司法单位监听(可能违法)得到法院院长關说的消息怎么不经过仔细协商推敲就在立法院院长还在国外时召开记者会公布这个消息?在记者会以前你难道没问一问院长去那了就公开的大做文章?这个总统是越做越糊涂了吧?

3.   这也就罢了;马英九你怎么还当场要求院长马上回国解释解释,一定要给国民(Read:马英九)一个交代?难道马英九要院长抛下下午要为女儿主持的婚事马上坐船然后坐飞机回台湾跟马英九报到?这也太不够情不够理了吧?马英九啊,马英九,你好歹也是五六十的人了你这样做也实在是太不会做人了吧?马英九你自己说说,你这样做是不是连死心塌地为你忠心为你卖命的人都感到难过失望呢?他们感到难过是因为你一错再错。他们失望是因为你像一个扶不起的阿斗。大家以为百分之十七已经是够低了,没想到你居然能把自己的满意度搞到百分之九。那也是破记录的了,你说是吗?

4.   事到如今,你想一想在院长要嫁女儿那天跟你协商的那几位是不是跟你一样糊涂?还是他们有心故意要把你推下汤锅看你在台上出丑?他們的居心何在?你的幕僚,你的党秘书,你的党前辈,你的副总统,你的行政院长和你的监察院长是干嘛的?他们难道没跟你说如此做不太妥当吧?还是你一意孤行,自以为是完全听不进别人的劝告?还是你打着正义的大旗想要靠报章杂志来打击立法院院长靠社会舆论来拉下这个不听话的立法院院长

5.   在院长正要嫁女儿的那天早上跟马英九协商的那几位是不是都和跟马英九一样没有中国做人的基本常识吗?难道你们不能等个三,五天等院长回来把他违法關说的证据告诉他私底下请他辞职?道不能等几天等院长不辞职以后再召开记者会宣布院长违法的事实然后公开要求院长辞职,好给台湾人民一个交代?

6.   马英九身边怎么没有一两个律师或两三个台湾出生的谋士呢?由司法单位监听得来立法院院长關说的消息是否合法?这个监听得来的潘朵拉盒子一旦搞出来是不是会产生意想不到的反效果?看来马英九的幕僚存心要马英九丑,而马英九以为他举的正义大旗可以拿来抵挡民进党的大炮和子弹。没想到,马英九不但在公共舆论上搞的体无完肤还弄到自己要出庭为自己的行为辩护。马英九啊,马英九,你这个总统也实在做的太窝囊了吧?

7.   马英九,请问你,你晚上睡的着吗?你的夫人是不是又给你眼色和颜色看了?她难道没有教你几招吗?她难道看不出来你光打着正义的大旗和清廉的招牌是不够的吗?你难道不知道你须要先站在不败之地才能进攻才能打败你的敌人?如今你的正义大旗被你的敌人打的体无完肤。而你拿来进攻的武器却被敌人从根挖起。你不但没有打击到你的立法院院长,反而要为你的行为辩护。而你的手下你的党员被调查被起诉的将会有好几个。看来我们中国人说的“偷鸡不着蚀把米”正是你的写照。

8.   欲听后事如何且听下回分解。


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