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这下马英九难搞了 March 30, 2014

Posted by hslu in Taipei, Taiwan.
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What will 马英九 do to satisfy the demands of these protestors?What can he do?

The actual number of protestors is not important. The official estimate by the government was 110,000. The organizer’s estimate is 500,000. The troubling part for 马英九 is that these protestors are united. They won’t back down until their objectives are met.

马英九‘s failure is 国民党’s failure。马英九‘s 9% approval rating signals his personal failure. He is in deep doodoo and his bumbler image has put 国民党 in deep doodoo too。



heisangjun II - 3-30-2013

Arial view of student protest in front of the presidential Palace in Taipei on 3-30-2013。

Arial views of student protest in front of the presidential Palace in Taipei on 3-30-2013。

Community Organizer-in-Chief is at it again July 20, 2013

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The community organizer-in-chief is back at organizing the black communities again. This time he did it from the White House on national TV.

He capitalized on the death of a black guy before the trial with words like these:

  • “”If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”
  • “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.”

I called this jury tampering and stirring up the emotion of his black base.

Actually there must have been many black guys who got killed at a young age. I guess all of them will look like Obama’s boy if he had one. The only problem was that those black guys got killed by other blacks. George Zimmerman‘s trouble will never end because of his last name.

He then did more damage to race relationship in the U.S. after Zimmerman was found not guilty with the following statements:

  • T. Martin could have been me 35 years ago,”
  • There are very few African American men who haven’t had the experience of being followed in a department store. That includes me.”

He did his best to add gasoline to the racial fire and along with guys like Holder and Sharpton will keep racial warfare in the United States alive and kicking for decades in the future.

It will be pretty ugly after tomorrow’s parades because those guys on the street believe Obama gave his permission for them to carry out the demonstrations.

Obama and 李登辉 of Taiwan are very much alike: two shameless politicians who did a lot of damage to their respective country:

  • Obama played the race card to shore up his black base and refuse to let the race issue go away. A black president will always look after his black friends even to the detriment of the entire country. I am not surprised! I am not surprised at all! I knew it will happen the moment he was elected in 2008. If you do not believe me then answer this question: Who were benefited the most by Obamacare?
  • 李登辉 stirred up the long dormant ethnic hatred between Taiwanese and people who came from mainland China (and their kids) before 1949. He raised the issue for the sole purpose of getting him elected as the president of Taiwan.

I actually fear for the future of the United States because I thought discrimination against blacks has slowly dissipated. It is unfortunate that some people will simply not let it die. I am certain that Obama’s words and action will  make racial bias even worse than it had been in the past.

What an irony: the first black president of the United States has divided this country even further along the racial line. It is sad but it is true.

And I am equally saddened by the stagnation of Taiwan, economically and politically. I firmly believe that ethnic divide was largely responsible for the lost decades. I am afraid that the ethnic relationship has really taken a back seat and the island will forever be held hostage by this thorny issue because, like Obama, some politicians in Taiwan simply will not let this issue die. 

Hmm…, what will happen if Taiwan is united with China. Will this be an issue at all?



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