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Obama out-smarted by Putin March 30, 2014

Posted by hslu in Cold War.
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After annexing Crimea became a fact, Putin offered Obama a diplomatic way out with a phone call to the White House and Obama took it to save his face. It was not a “frank and direct” phone call. It was a smart move on the part of Putin.

Why did Putin call Obama in the first place? Did Putin offer to return Crimea? Of course not.

Putin called Obama to:

  • Formalize Crimea as part of Russia.
  • Stop more sanctions being considered by the west.
  • Show the world that Putin is a reasonable person after all.
  • Let the world know that Russia is still friends with the United States.
  • Offer Obama a chance to save his face after being defeated by Putin again.
  • Voice Putin’s concern that more Russians in Ukraine want to return back to Russia.
  • Legitimize Russian’s massive military presence around the border of Crimea and Ukraine.
  • Make sure that Russian’s vast interests on oil and gas pipelines in Ukraine are well protected.

The bottom line: Obama is being put in a no-win situation by Putin’s phone call.




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