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Michaels Noodles Restaurant – 小金華 November 29, 2010

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Bao and I took Mom and Dad out to dinner for Dad’s birthday on Tuesday last week. He wanted to try a restaurant he hasn’t been before. I picked Michaels Noodles Restaurant 小金華 “xiao3 jin1 hua2” in Rockville, Maryland on the west side of I-270.

We ordered 青島啤酒 “qing1 dao3 pi2 jiu3” or Qingdao beer for the occasion. We also had 四小菜﹐ 四主菜﹐ 二主食 and 一甜點.

Our 下酒小菜 “xia4 jiu3 xiao3 cai4” were:

  • 涼拌黃瓜 “liang2 ban4 huang2 gua1:” Slightly spicy and good. But it could be better.

  • 雪菜百頁毛豆 “xue3 cai4 bai3 ye4 mao2 dou4:” Very fresh and light in taste. The way it should be. Even Mom liked it..

  • 素雞: “su4 ji1” or literally vegetable chicken. It is made from soy bean milk the way cheese is made from milk. It was almost as good as what we used to have at now closed Oriental Regency. It needs to be cooked a bit longer. The sauce was very good though.

  • 花生小魚: Crispy, light, not greasy and fluffy. Perfectly done!


  • 干煎牛柳 “gan1 jian1 niu2 liu3”: Beef medallions marinated then deep-fried. It was tender and nicely done. Ba liked it and took the left over home.

  • 蒜苗雙臘 “suan4 miao2 suang1 la4:” Fresh leek tips stir-fried with Chinese sausage 香腸 and dried pork called 臘肉. I thought this dish was over cooked a little bit. I liked the leek green and not over cooked. The portion was good but I thought the dish had too much meat.

  • 南乳扣肉: Bao ordered this because we have never tried it before. The meat wasn’t as tender as it should be and I’ll order 梅菜扣肉 next time instead. 南乳 is also called 豆腐乳 which is made from twice-fermented soft bean curd. If you like blue cheese, you’ll probably like 豆腐乳 which is an acquired taste.

  • 韭菜花豆腐皮 “jiu3 cai4 hua1 dou4 fu3 pi2: Chinese chive stir-fried with pork and bean curd skins. Bean curd skins are the layer of skins on top of soy bean milk. It has very high protein content and can be very tasty if it is properly prepared. Mom likes 豆腐皮 because it is soft and easy to chew. Some 韭菜花 was tough though.

For 二主食 “zhu3 shi2,” we had:

  • 鍋貼: On par with A&J’s or slightly better. A&J’s is called 半畝園 “ban4 mu3 yuan2” or half-acre garden.

  • 素蒸餃: Theirs are better than A&J’s. Not greasy and very tasty. The skin is thin and does not stick to the teeth at all.

Our 一甜點 was:

  • 八寶飯 “ba1 bao3 fang4”: 100 times better than any off-the-menu 八寶飯 we had at other Chinese restaurant in the greater Washington Metropolitan area. Good ingredients with soft and juicy sweet rice.

We managed to finish about half the food and took the rest of them home.

The small restaurant (65 seats) is clean and nicely decorated with Chinese calligraphy and Chinese paintings.

The restaurant has regularly been on the list of Top 100 Bargain Restaurants on Washingtonian in the metro area and Tom’s favorites on the Post.

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