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上海田子坊 Shanghai Tian Zi Fang January 19, 2011

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上海田子坊 “shang4 hai3 tian2 zi3 fang3” was a very unique place: narrow alleys, boutique shops, craft stores, art vendors, tailor shops, western-style restaurants with outside seating, dark bars and foreign tourists.It wasn’t like 新天地 “xin1 tian1 di4” which has a pretty shell but no class. It wasn’t like 外滩 “wai4 tan1” which has a sense of prestige but cold.

田子坊 has that “old Shanghai” feel but it didn’t make me wanted to escape that artificial setting.  It could be the time of our visit, a cold November evening, most restaurants were quite empty. Bars were quiet too. We could spot the tourists right away because they took their time looking over the menu posted outside of the restaurants or walked in and out of the stores lining both sides of  the narrow alleys. There were a few local residents too but they walked past us quickly and didn’t even bother to cross eyes with us.

A statue of a female 紅衛兵 "hong2 wei4 bing1"


Window display of a wine shop.



Sign of a store which sells Buddha stuff

Waiting for a mouse


Did you see the 弥勒佛 "mi1 le1 fo2?"


The cat was mad at me.

We didn’t stay for dinner because I didn’t like any of the restaurants there because they were all over-priced.

I did spot the following 對聯 on the outside of a small craft shop and I liked it very much.

Here is why:

Very good, indeed.

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