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The Meaning of Buddhism April 26, 2019

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The Meaning of Buddhism


The Fundamental principles of the Theravada doctrine by BHIKKHU U THITTILA as appeared in the February 1958 issue of The Atlantic.

It is very long and requires all my attention to digest what I read. Fortunately, it was clearly written for people who doesn’t know Buddhism like me.

If you want to find out the meaning of Buddhism, you can start your journey by reading this article.

When politicians lie and mislead October 9, 2013

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Obama on June 5, 2008 promised that he will put in place a health care program in his first term and it will: “ lower (health insurance) premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year…”

Are US voters so shorted sighted or are they too gullible to believe something thing like this?

This was kind of misleading information and empty promises candidates will say and hope someone will vote for him or her.

People who voted for him will suffer the consequence of their action by paying a higher premium and possibly a smaller paycheck because their hours have been cut to 29 hours per week.

Everyone who signs up to the health insurance exchanges should remember what Obama said as they check out the insurance premium they will pay.

Do you know why companies got a one-year delay to pay for their employees’ insurance; itself illegal because the original law didn’t authorize this?

And do you know why individual mandate is not delayed?

I tell you why:

Companies have one more year to dump their employees from companies’ health insurance plan so that these people have to sign up with the exchanges if they don’t want to pay for the find.

The twenty-something will wait and probably pay the fine because it is much cheaper to do so. They are healthy. They don’t need health insurance. They also know that once they sign up with the government, they will in essence subsidize sick people’s insurance and insurances of those with preexisting conditions – a reverse wealth distribution  scheme, if you will.

I am sorry, it is not a fine. it is a tax as defined不 by the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice Roberts; a huge mistake by Bush.

In addition, as more people signing up with the exchanges, the harder it will be repealed by the Tea Party members in the Congress.

You may not know it but the seeds have been sowed: the seeds to accelerate the decline of the United States and the once all mighty country will eventually become a second tier nation.

The reason is very simple: the US has suffered two heavy punches since 2011: the first punch was 9-11 and the second punch was Obamacare. The results are two new taxes that the country will pay forever. Unfortunately, these taxes are burdens to the businesses and people alike.

Well,  Chinese keeps telling people that:


因:Many people voted for Obama; some twice;

果:The United States was pushed to the left by Obama and Democrats.

果:A socialist country is forming fast and the inefficiency of anything government will soon show up in Obamacare. Cost overrun will happen just like what’s going on with Medicare and Medicaid. Quality of health care will suffer. Rational for seniors, say 85 and up, may become the norm. Research in medicine and medical instruments may suffer because government will limit how much the drug and medical instrument companies can make.

Talk about government inefficiency: after three years to get the exchanges open, people are still having difficulty signing up and buying insurance. These people have been waiting because they couldn’t get insurance before either they were too sick or too poor.

We will see how it goes;


I will keep an eye on Obamacare because I may be affected by the exchange in ways I may not know until it is too late.

The younger generation will have to pay for it in the form of higher taxes to keep Obamacare going. Remember, there are 47% of Americans who do not pay any federal taxes. Some of them will even get subsidizes from the federal government to pay for their health insurance premium, You know where that is from, don;t you?




Democracy failed in the U.S. April 6, 2010

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I am sad. I am worried. I am disgusted.

The United States has just made a giant leap toward socialism with the passage of health care reform bill. The Democrat Party under Pelosi, Reid and Obama bribed its congressmen and congresswomen behind closed doors to get this bill passed against the wills of the majority of its people. This time democracy failed the majority of American people.

To the Democrats, this is a big victory because it will continue their dominance of the republicans Party for the foreseeable future even though they might lose the next mid-term election. To the Democrats, this is the beginning of their continuing push for a single payer system. To the Democrats, this is wealth re-distribution. To the Democrats, this is class warfare. To the Democrats, this is control of people’s lives. To the Democrats, this is power grab of the highest degree. To the Democrats, this is big government getting bigger. To the Democrats, this is, under the disguise of passion, the creation of a class of people who will permanently reply on government to provide health care for their entire lives. To the Democrats, this is the creation of a growing class of people who will votes Democrats to keep the health benefits coming forever. To the Democrats, this is the beginning of having a final say on how much doctors can make and how they will treat their patients. To the Democrats, this is the ultimate control of how much insurance companies, drug makers and medical device companies can make.

This time, the pendulum swings too far to the left and the country will suffer when time comes. This time, democracy deviated way too far from the middle ground, the 半 “ban4,” and the boomers and future generations will pay for this mistake.

You see, 因果 “yin1 guo3” never fails. The seeds, 因 “yin1,” have been planted. The consequence, or the 果 “guo3,”will come. The worst won’t show up until generations later.

Roosevelt’s New Deal after Great Depression gave us social security which will require injections of new funds to pay for the pending retirement of baby boomers. The younger generation workers will have to pay higher social security taxes. They will have to work longer and face small benefits. They and their children also have to pay for the unfunded liability of untold trillions of dollars in their entire working lives.

LBJ’s Great Society after Democrats’ landslide victory in 1964 gave us Medicare, Medicaid and welfare. Fifty years later, Medicare and Medicaid are running out of money. Seniors just saw their benefits cut by $500 billion with the passage of the health care reform bill. Welfare gave us a permanent underclass (mostly blacks) stretching out two or three generations who were totally unproductive in the society. These people, satisfied with government checks and food stamps, stayed at home and live in poverty with their kids. Unfortunately their kids learned from their parents and they also relied on government for their livelihoods because they have no marketable skills in this changing society. And that’s why they are solidly behind Democrats for the past 50 years. One of the major themes of LBJ’s initiative was to eliminate poverty. It sounded noble. It sounded great. It sounded passionate. It had the best intentions. The only problem with the good intention was that it didn’t eliminate poverty by a long shot. Behind the beautiful words was Democrats’ push to expand the government and expand its voter base. That’s why the Democrats have dominated the Congress for almost 40 years since the 1960’s.

With super majority in both houses now, the Democrat Party has pushed through the health reform bill but that’s not the end of its goals yet. The Democrat still has eight months to push their agenda on immigration reform (ultimately granting permanent residences to illegal immigrants) which is coming before you know it. The bill will no doubt pass in the House along party line. It is not important whether they can succeed in the Senate. It is important to create an image among Latino voters that they are on their side. With Latinos being the largest minority group in the U.S., the Democrats will have another block of voters solidly behind them in the elections to come.

Cap and Trade bill is also coming. It aims to squeeze billions of dollars from businesses such as utilities, coal and oil companies to the federal government. It will be redistributed again and the consumers will suffer the consequence.

I hate politicians. I hate politics.

Tiger Woods Scandle December 29, 2009

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Who or what was behind the packaging of Tiger Woods to be the most admired sports star over the last 8 to 10 years?

The Main street Media.

I think that they were also the ones behind the cover-up of Tiger Woods infidelities with so many women?

How can the media not know what was happening between him and these women? I guess there was a lot in stake: the big money sponsors and probably more important the image of a successful black man.

Now, his sponsors are rushing to the door to dump him.

Tiger Woods 自做自受 “zi4 zhou4 zi4 sou4”. He did it to himself. I wish his wife gets at least 50% of all his previous and future earnings. Another example of  因果 “yin1 guo3” at play here.

Chinese has this saying: 若要人不知, 除非己末为 “ruo4 yao4 ren2 bu1 zhi1, chu2 fei1 ji3 mo4 wei2”; if you don’t want other to know what it, you shouldn’t do it in the first place.

Tiger Woods 罪有应得 “zui4 you3 ying1 de4,” i. e., he deserves to suffer the consequence.

Now, who did the packaging of the current president of the United States, another black person? Is it The Main Street Media again?

Have you heard anything negative about him guy in the campaign season? No. Because the Main Street Media didn’t do their research like they did on Republican candidates.

因果 Causality November 9, 2009

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因果  – Causality

Chinese in general believe in 因果關係 “yin1 guo3 guan1 xi1” or Causality: the relationship between cause and effect. We often say 有 因就有果 “you3 yin1 jiu4 you3 guo3” which means that for every action, there will be an effect. We also believe that the effect will be felt either now or later; if not this life then in future generations. We also talk about 因果報應 “yin1 guo3 bao4 ying4” which implies that if a person does bad deeds, his actions will result in retribution. This deep-rooted believe partly came from years of influence from Karma of Buddhism.

Now, let’s talk about the public option of the health care bill approved by the House under bi-partisan support. Yes, 214 Democrats and one first-term Republican qualified as bi-partisan support according to Pelosi; a credit only a Democrat can shamelessly claim.

Now, you might want to ask me: “What does this have to do with 因果?”

Please indulge me a little and  让我慢慢道来 “rang4 wo3 man4 man4 dao1 lai2” or let tell you slowly:

  • Pelosi under the cover of darkness twisted arms of a handful of Democrats or showered them with pork projects, like a mean mother lecturing her spoiled kids, to edge out Republican opposition and passed the bill. She did what she was told by following order from the president. The passage of this bill is the 因 “ying1” or cause which, if not modified at the Senate, will wield untold damages to the health care industry in the future. Of cause, in this case, the damage will be the 果 ”quo3” in the future.
  • But let’s us not forget that this bill was also a 果”guo3” from an earlier因 ”yin1.” That 因 ”yin1 came about because the current president was elected a year ago. In other words, if not for the current president, there will be no new health bill. And if there was no health bill, of course, there was no public option.
  • Now, let’s trace this 因果關係 “yin1 guo3 guan1 xi1” back one more level and see who elected the president last year? Let’s see who planted the seed ( 因 ) which resulted in the election of the current president (果?) The president was elected because many younger generations desperately wanted change. This strong intention on the part of younger generations was the 因 ”yin1.”
  • So this is what we have:
    • 因: Younger generations wanted change.
    • 果: Current president, or BHO, was elected last November.
    • 因: BHO was elected last November.
    • 果: BHO wanted a public option in health bill.
    • 因: BHO wanted a public option in health bill.
    • 果: Pelosi passed the health care reform with public option.
    • 因: Public option becomes law if not altered by Senators.
    • 果: Damages to the health care industry in the future.

The more interesting question now is “who will be eating this 果 ”quo3” in the future?” (果 also means fruit in Chinese.)

You know what? The ones who will eat this果  in the future are the younger generations who put BHO in power.

They will eat the果 because they planted the seeds or 因, if you will, themselves. They, in 30 or 40 years when they are in their 60’s and 70’s; and when they need health care the most, will see their health benefits severely curtailed under the public option. By that time, the public option will be the only option in town.

By that time, the public option will eventually be transformed into a single payer option. In 30 or 40 years, these younger generations will face the peril of not able to use the medical innovations because they will not be made available to them. They probably won’t even have the option because the innovation in new drugs and new life-saving medical devices will gradually die simply because there is no money in the game.

You see: the younger generations plant the seed now (因); they will eat the fruit later (果).

If not now, wait a few years. In this case, it may take as long as 30 or 40 years! And you know what? Their kids will also suffer from their deeds. If not this generation then the next generation!

Now, this is 因果. This is what Chinese say: 因果報應 “yin1 guo3 bao4 ying4.”

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