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Yi Yang,Mandarin Oriental, Sanya January 20, 2018

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We came to Sanya, Hainan, for five nights to see what all the fuss of this popular winter destination in Southern China was about. We stayed at Mandarin Oriental for two nights and ate dinner at its Chinese restaurant, Yi Yang 倚洋, on the first night.

We ordered room service on the second night.

If I have to guess, Yi Yang, 倚洋, means “close to the ocean.” It is a cozy and stylish Chinese restaurant with wooden ceiling, hardwood tables and chairs, amber lighting and spacious seatings just a stone throw away from the ocean. The restaurant is surrounded on the outside by tall palm trees, dim courtyard lights and a couple of very large swimming pools. Far away on the other side of the Dadonghai Bay (大東海灣) was glittering lights from several restaurants and a few luxury hotels.

Yi Yang offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with lobsters, steamed fish, large crabs, jumbo shrimps, roast ducks, roast pork, dim sum and several Hainan dishes.

Mandarin Oriental also offered a seafood restaurant but we couldn’t secure a reservation at the time of our preference.

Yi Yang is on the ground floor of the main building.

Pavillion is a causal place near by to enjoy a quiet evening with a glass of red wine, tea or a cup of coffee.

Several facilities were closed on the day when we were there. Slow nights.

Private dinning rooms, called 包廂, are located along the long hall way which leads to the restaurant.

Set menu: 濛濛細雨. 998 renminbi.

Abalones are not my favorites

Authentic local Hainan specialities.

The waiting area by the restaurant entrance

All vegetarian appetizers.

Steamed buns with salted egg yolk and creamy custard.

Stir fried prawns with wulong tea leaves

Sweet and sour deep fried riblets with strawberries.

Hainan lotus flower stems 海南莲藕花梗, a dish we’ve never had before.

We took our time and enjoyed each dish of a light meal on a memorable evening. The restaurant was stylish. The service was professional. The staff was warm. The surroundings were serene. The beautiful Dadonghao Bay in the Hainan Island served as the perfect backdrop of our time together.

Wish we could stay here longer.

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