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人民廣場 – 代子女求婚 July 27, 2015

Posted by hslu in China, Shanghai.
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Every weekend, hundreds, if not thousands, of desperate parents gathered at the People‘s Square in Shanghai in the morning. They stayed there until mid afternoon. Most of them come here for one purpose and one purpose only: play match maker for his or her son or daughter with someone else’s daughter or son. They usually carry a piece of paper with hand written message about their son or daughter: age, height, education, where from, type of work and, sometimes, annual salary and whether he or she is an owner of property. The paper also states what kind of mate he or she is looking for: age, height, where from and earning capabilities.


Match making company seeking clients

Match making company seeking clients


The information is displayed for everyone to see. If you are interested in getting more information, by all means talk to his or her parent. There are many match making companies there soliciting clients and providing information of prospective targets.

What may be odd about this activities is that they usually do it without their child’s knowledge let alone of their approval.

This unusual phenomenon is the residual effect of the misguided one-child policy。


Detailed information about a girl from northeastern China.

Detailed information about a girl from northeastern China.

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