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Hu Tong and Michelin – Hong Kong August 30, 2009

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Hu Tong and Michelin – Hong Kong

On the August 9 – August 15, 2009 issue of 世界週刊 “shi4 jie4 zhou1 kan1;” the weekly magazine of Chinese World Journal “世界日報 si4 jie4 ri4 bao4,” Ms. Wang Ya Lan 王雅蘭女士 gave an interesting description of traditional Cantonese cuisines versus the new style Chinese cooking in Hong Kong “香港 xiang1 gang3”. She chose four restaurants in Hong Kong and Kowloon “九龍 jiu3 long2” to illustrate the differences in cooking style and approach to Chinese cuisine.

The first restaurant discussed in the article was Hu Tong “胡同 hu2 tong2” which Maria and I went to in 2008. Hu Tong is one of the Michelin’s Top 10 Restaurant Values in the world according to the director of Michelin guides. Hu Tong is a one-star Michelin restaurant and is very affordable. Michelin even suggests that if you have only one night in Hong Kong, this is the restaurant you should go. Ms. Wang liked the stunning scenery overlooking Victoria harbor and Hong Kong Island, nice décor in the beautiful Chinese style dinning room and chef’s casual approach to fine dining. We liked it a lot when we were there.

The other three restaurants were all traditional Cantonese or Chinese restaurants: 竹園 “zhu2 yuan2” in Kowloon for its lobster in cheese and butter sauce, 西苑 “xi1 yuan2” in Hong Kong for its roast pork and pineapple buns and 浣紗廚房 “wan3 sha1 chu2 fang2” in Hong Kong for its smoked chicken and 擔擔麵 “dan4 dan4 mian4.

You might want to try them out when you are in Hong Kong next time.

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