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台中逢甲夜市 December 26, 2010

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I lived in 台中 Taizhong for 20 years before moving to Tainan for college. After college, I first served in Taiwanese Army for two years then traveled to the United States for graduate school.

For all the time I was in Taizhong, I have never been to 逢甲学院 “feng2 jia3 xue2 yuan4” or “Feng Chia College as it was known back then and later elevated to a Univeristy” or 逢甲夜市 “feng2 jia3 ye4 shi4” or “Feng Chia Night Market.” Last October was my first time. And it was Bao and Xiaobao’s first time as well. We went to Taizhong via  高铁 “gao1 tie3” or “high speed railroad” which took only a little more than 30 minutes. We then took the shuttle to a stop that was about 20 minute walk from 逢甲夜市.

逢甲夜市 is the second largest night market in Taiwan and it has probably more than 1,000 shops, restaurant and food stands/stalls along several streets near 逢甲学院. It was crowded starting from about 5 pm until well into midnight probably because of its proximity to a university.

逢甲夜市 offers a more diverse experience than the night markets around 台北市 with clever names such as:

麵麵俱到 or was it "面面俱到"

八锅联军 or "八国联军"

三顧茅廬 Restaurant or was it "三顧茅廬" in 三国演义 (The Three Kingdoms)

Crowd at Feng Jia Night Market

Entrance of the Feng Jia University

Library at Feng Jia University

Deep Fried Smelly Doufu 臭豆腐 "chou4 dou4 fu3" in two colors. I have never seen a black 臭豆腐 or 黑皮臭豆腐 before.


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