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This is what’s wrong with the U.S. January 13, 2017

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Source: BBC News.

This isn’t the only one! Here is another question in the same math homework:

Source: BBC News.

No wonder that American HS students don’t do math well. With homework questions like these in Junior High, they are well prepared on sex education for HS.

Weapons of math destruction December 21, 2016

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If you like big data, you need to read this paper.

I told you so October 26, 2016

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Are you surprised to see this headline from Fox News? 

Not me. 

Because I told you so many years ago.

Monthly premium for Obanacare has to go up because Obama, Reid, Pelosi and all Democrats in the Congresd lied about Obamacare’s math when they forced the expensive program onto American’s tax payers.

Tax subsidies to subscribers will go up too. No matter what kind of program people choose under the plan, tax payers end up paying for the majority of the cost; north of 60% easy.

Unfortunately, the ill-conceived and, for Democrats, ultimately the de facto single-payer health insurance program for all Americans, will not be abandoned by the Congress. It will continue to draw money from other federal programs unless Republicans have a 60+% majority in the Senate and has the control of the House and White House. 

Not likely to happen.

Attentions, all Middle Class citizens of the USA, open up your wallets wide and keep them open. 

Obama is coming for you money.

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