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Apple Leak Confirms iPhone 7 Serious Problem July 17, 2016

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Source: Forbes

The real problem with Apple on cellphones is that Apple has been and still is a follower for the past several cycles. Apple’s iPhone S7, it appears, is no execption.

Some iPhone 6 users aren’t very smart October 7, 2014

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Need I say more?


Maybe you can get some residual value back from your zapped iPhone 6 by selling it to a greater fool on eBay or Craiglist. Just tell your buyer that your iPhone 6 has been supercharged and the zapped phone is an one-of-a-kind collector’s item and you are selling it to the highest bidder. Your signature is included without extra charge.



10 million the first weekend. But how many have bent? September 26, 2014

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You might want to wait for a new version of iPhone6 plus if you don’t want yours end up like this:

bent iPhone6 plus

Source: C|Net


Watch Apple stocks. If more people complaining about bent phones, you want to get out before it is too late.

When company breaks down, it starts with little things: Apple map, antenna, iCloud security breach, Apple OS mistake, bent iPhone6 Plus, etc. Little by little, people lose faith on the company and its products and the halo becomes tarnished and loses its shine over time.

No matter how many times Apple claims to have test its iPhones, the fact of the matter is that Apple’s testing lab may be incompetent and its management may be too confident to see the obvious.



What would Cook do? Issue a statement saying that he is sorry? May be he’ll bow like many Asian politicians and company executives do.

Apple is behind in coming out new products. The company has been playing catch up for many quarters. Now Cook have a PR disaster on his hand. I doubt that many people will spend $345 for an iWatch.

iPhone6: copycat at best. September 21, 2014

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I don’t get it. Waiting in line for days. Sleeping outside the store. Paying someone $25 an hour to kepp a spot for you. What was the fuss about?


iPhone6 is a copycat. It is many months late and with nothing really new or innovative to show for.

Yet these people treated Tim Cook like a member of the royal family completely forgetting about his failed strategies in the past.



Because of his mistakes, for the past few years and for the foreseeable future, Apple will always play catch up over and over again with every product cycle. With newer, cheaper and equally capable android smartphones from its competitors, Apple will lose its coolness and competitive edge, if there is any left, probably sooner than Apple fans want to admit.

There are rumors that Apple is working on an iTV or something like that. I hope it doesn’t because it will be an instant company killer. People, especially the younger ones, are not using their TV in the family room anymore because they have a personalized TV in their hands. They get to watch whatever they like and whenever they want to.

Husbands don’t have to fight with their wifes for the remote control. Siblings does have to wait for their turns to watch their favorite shows on the big screen in the basement. Parents don’t have to play referees to settle fights over who gets to see what on family TV. There will be peace in the house and they don’t have to mess with the cable companies anymore.

Wake up, the mindless Apple clones. There is simply not that much to cheer about or to hope for.

If you must, you have three years to wait.

HTC a goner? October 23, 2013

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A disturbing news about HTC cutting down its cellphone productions in Taiwan and China certainly didn’t help HTC’s stock which has already lost almost 90% of its market value since 2011:

Chart forHTC CORPORATION (2498.TW)

10-year stock chart of Taiwan’s HTC.

I believe many Taiwanese have been 套牢了by this stock as well because they bought the stock as it was moving up in 2010 and are still holding them in their brokerage accounts after it dropped from the record high of 新台币 1,238 to 新台币 136 now: a drop of 89% in about two and half years.

HTC is short of cash and has experienced disappointing sales in the US and China. The company may disappear or it may be taken over by someone else.

Another Taiwanese stock that is also facing difficult time is Acer.

Chart forACER INC TWD10 (2353.TW)

Acer 5-year stock chart

The reduction of PC sales worldwide hit Acer particularly hard. Its newer version of notebooks and tablets just couldn’t compete with tables from Apple and Samsung. It is losing market shares fast and the company probably doesn’t have enough cash to turn it around now. It once spent millions to hire CEO from foreign countries to run the company but Acer’s market share didn’t improve with foreign management. Unless the company can come up with something significantly new, it, along with HTC, may follow Nokia and Blackberry into sunset and cease to exist soon.

Two of Taiwan’s once brilliant technology companies are experiencing such a difficult time in the market place is very disturbing. To many Taiwanese, it probably feels like that the legs which were supporting Taiwan’s future was severed at the knees. Lack of funds to promote its products in the US and China may be one of its problems even though its products are on par or even better than those came out of Apple and Samsung. When a company’s market share is shrinking, it negatively impact its cash flow which hurts everything from research, innovation, product development and marketing. When we were in Shanghai about a month ago, we went to The Bund and saw Samsung’s Galaxy S4 was prominently marketed on the big screen in Pudong.

I am certain that the top management of both companies is responsible for misjudged the competitions from Apple and Samsung. I also wondered out loud that the in-fighting between 国民党 and 民进党 in the name of democracy probably bears some blame as well.

Maybe the outflow of top-notch professionals and professors to China in search for a decent salary had something to do with this too.

The bottom line is this: Taiwan’s problem is structural and is deep-rooted. It has rocked Taiwan’s foundation and has affected Taiwan’s GDP growth. Everywhere we go, Taipei’s streets and shops are filled with well-dressed and fashionable teenagers and people in their 20’s and 30’s. The restaurants are crowed and busy. TPE airport is busy with tourist groups to China, Japan, Korea, other countries in Asia and Australia. The younger generation is spending their parents’ wealth because they can’t make it by themselves with Taiwan’s GDP growing at 2%. If Taiwan’s government is still sitting on its hands and if 马英九 is still fighting with his own party’s members, there will be more companies like HTC and Acer going down the drain. Jobs will be lost and confidence on the ruling party will be undercut too.

Maybe 马英九  should throw the government’s weight to help these tow companies. Just a thought.


Samsung has a grudge against 台灣? October 8, 2013

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Is it just me or am I actually too paranoid to look for bones out of an egg, 所谓的”鸡蛋里挑骨頭?”

Samsung’ s 中文输入軟體 on its iconic Galaxy S4 smart phone is decades behind Apple’s iPhone 3 in terms of user friendliness to someone who wants to communicate using 繁體中文。

At least, that’s what I have experienced so far.

For instance, when I want to enter 台灣 on S4, I have to to enter tai and scroll down to find 台。I then enter wan and scroll down to pick 灣 from the options given.

In many cases, S4 will offer 简体字 first. I have to scroll down to find 繁體字 if it is offered.

On iPhone 3, all I need to do is enter tw and pick either 台湾 or 臺灣.

Simple like that.

If I want to enter 台北, I need 5 strokes for 台 and 3 strokes for 北.

On iPhone 3, enter tb and 台北 is the first option.

If you enter tb on S4, 台北 is not an option even if you scroll down to look for it. 

Am I missing something here or Samsung 三星 is actually having a grudge against Taiwan?

Maybe I need to use other software to input Chinese on my S4.

Acer and HTC: 台湾的缩影 September 28, 2013

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531期的天下雜誌 (2013-9-8) 问:台灣科技品牌为何屡屡落敗?

The magazine was talking about Taiwan’s two tech companies:  宏碁 Acer and  宏達電 HTC

I own an Acer laptop since 2011 and liked it a lot. It’s cheap and performs as well as comparable products from Dell and HP. Although I have used Apple iPhone3 and have recently switched to Samsung’s Galaxy S4, I heard that HTC’s phones are equally good. 

That being said, these two companies’ stocks can only be described as 惨不忍睹。

See for yourself:

宏碁/Acer 5-year chart


My first answer is: 台湾的顶尖人才都跑到中国大陆去了。台湾的教授也跑到中国大陆去了。Pay there is better。Period。台湾, in a way, 被别人从上面和中间掏空了。The majority of businesses staying put in Taiwan are service oriented: restaurants, massage shops, travel related companies, night markets and taxis.

My second answer is: 爸爸(国民党)和妈妈(民进党)天天吵架,家里的小孩(台湾的人民和公司)这么能长的好呢?Both parties are fighting hard to strengthening their own party. They are not working for the people. They are working for their party instead.

My third answer is:台湾的教育失败。See for yourself:



My fourth answer is: 台湾’s problems are structural in nature. Taiwan has been very good at putting things together for other companies. It may have slacked behind on fundamental researches which are very critical in the highly competitive technology space. The central government has been throwing money in the area of social welfare to please the voters for years. By doing so, it didn’t do what it supposed to do: helps Taiwan’s businesses compete with other companies in the world which enjoy total support from their respective governments.

Taiwan’s current leader,马英九, has over the past six years been fighting for the survivor of his political life. He lacks the vision to help companies such as Acer and THC and is powerless under the constant attack from the opposition party. He hasn’t shown any leadership quality and is mired in a dismal approval rating of low teens.

My fifth answer is:The CEO of both companies probably have squandered their respective company’s good fortune, became lazy at the top and didn’t adapt to the changing landscape. Once they starts to play catching up, their technological advantages were gone. We call this: 创业维艰守成不易。

If something is not done fast, both companies, along with hundreds of jobs, will by gone soon.


I bet you don’t know this September 10, 2012

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Obama has problems dialing iPhone, blames campaign worker’s cell phone plan

You don’t know this:

Because the liberal media such as CNN, ABC, NBC, WP and NYT, don’t want you to know.

Because it shows how bad the liberal media wants Obama to win.

Because it shows how not intelligent Obama is.

And here is “The rest of the story”


For those of you who want to know what kind of ridicule a Republican candidate got in a compromised situation, just remember Quayle and the infamous “e” after “potato.”

This is double standard and you know it.

Chinese supercomputer the fastest in the world November 29, 2010

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Slowly but surely, China is over-taking US in many areas.

There are no plants in the US making socks, shirts or shoes. Toys are mostly made in foreign countries, including China. GM went down the drain but was pulled out by the government using our money. Ford stayed alive but is burdened with a huge pension and health care liabilities.  North Carolina still has a few dying furniture manufactures. Steel mills in the US have gone to foreign countries as well. iPhone and iEverything are almost all made in China.No one makes TV, monitors, DVDs, Blue ray players, etc. in the US.

The US used to have monopoly on supercomputer but it also fell by the way side and the new champion is none other than a Chinese made 天河一号, “Tianhe-1A,” which means “Milky Way” in Mandarin. Petroleum technologies have mostly transferred to China during the past ten years. Tallest buildings are no longer showing up in the America.


What’s left in the US that China or India has little hope of catching up in the near future?

  1. Fighter jets, smart bombs, super tanks, and air carriers,
  2. Commercial airplanes,
  3. Number of nuclear missiles,
  4. Innovations on medicine and medical instruments. But these will be put to death by ObamaCare in no time,
  5. Innovations on software
  6. Football teams,
  7. Aerospace technologies but the gap is narrowing,
  8. Wheat, corns, and some ag products,
  9. Muslim haters,
  10. Graduate schools on science, technology and law. The MBAs from the US business schools but they have messed up the entire financial system of the world,
  11. Number of lawyers,
  12. Federal budget deficits and national debt,
  13. Trade deficits,
  14. Barrels of crude oil import from foreign countries,
  15. And I am sure there are others that I didn’t think of right now.

But the point is that it further demonstrate the downhill ride that the United States is enjoying in the past several years.

Is anyone thinking about immigrating to China? Or India, for that matter.


America is going down November 19, 2010

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If you do not believe me just take a look of this article on Washington Post:

West Potomac High pushes F off grade book


The gist of the article is this:

According to West Potomac High principal “Cliff Hardison,” if  West Potomac High students failed a subject, let’s be kind to the students by not giving them an F. Instead, the principal of West Potomac High wanted to give them an I and let them take the test again.

The liberals want to let the students feel good about themselves. An F on their score can only push them away from being a good student. Let’s give them another chance. Besides, the aim of American public school is mediocrity.

Could it be that F’s will make the principal and teachers look bad and they may even negatively affect school’s funding from the federal and state governments?

If you do not believe what you see here, you should read Sun Gazette’s editorial in support of this action.

Here is a couple of quotes from its November 18, 2010 issue:

“This may prove to be a valuable experiment, and we’re not sure if it’s one that will work, or not. But it might be worth a try on a limited basis, if followed carefully.”

“Creativity and sometimes even counter-intuitive thinking may lead to the breakthroughs needed for improvements. Because the status quote is far from acceptable.”

I guess liberals think alike.

  • Will you send your kids to West Potomac High?
  • Will you send your kids to American public schools?
  • Will you hire a West Potomac High student to work for you?
  • Will West Potomac High students more likely taking government handouts or be productive citizens?

The United States has gone over the hump and is on the road of a long and painful decline.

America’s growth engine has long been supported by smart people from other countries. When other countries such as China, India and Russia offer better opportunities and prosperity, they come the to US for higher educations but they do not stay here like they used to in huge numbers. All America has left to work with are students such as those from West Potomac HS.

If you don’t believe me, hire a public high school graduate to work for you. You will hate yourself for doing so. But what’s the alternative?

Hmm…, how about people who are in their 60’s and 70’s?

They are slow, don’t get me wrong. But they show up on time. They put in a day’s work. They do not listen to their iPods while talking to you. They do not text their friends once every two seconds. They do not watch porno on company time. They don’t take 45-minute breaks either.

The older guys and gals may trades stocks on their Schwab account around 12 when they are having lunch though. And they may trade stock tips before market closes at 4 PM though.




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