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Yi Yang,Mandarin Oriental, Sanya January 20, 2018

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We came to Sanya, Hainan, for five nights to see what all the fuss of this popular winter destination in Southern China was about. We stayed at Mandarin Oriental for two nights and ate dinner at its Chinese restaurant, Yi Yang 倚洋, on the first night.

We ordered room service on the second night.

If I have to guess, Yi Yang, 倚洋, means “close to the ocean.” It is a cozy and stylish Chinese restaurant with wooden ceiling, hardwood tables and chairs, amber lighting and spacious seatings just a stone throw away from the ocean. The restaurant is surrounded on the outside by tall palm trees, dim courtyard lights and a couple of very large swimming pools. Far away on the other side of the Dadonghai Bay (大東海灣) was glittering lights from several restaurants and a few luxury hotels.

Yi Yang offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with lobsters, steamed fish, large crabs, jumbo shrimps, roast ducks, roast pork, dim sum and several Hainan dishes.

Mandarin Oriental also offered a seafood restaurant but we couldn’t secure a reservation at the time of our preference.

Yi Yang is on the ground floor of the main building.

Pavillion is a causal place near by to enjoy a quiet evening with a glass of red wine, tea or a cup of coffee.

Several facilities were closed on the day when we were there. Slow nights.

Private dinning rooms, called 包廂, are located along the long hall way which leads to the restaurant.

Set menu: 濛濛細雨. 998 renminbi.

Abalones are not my favorites

Authentic local Hainan specialities.

The waiting area by the restaurant entrance

All vegetarian appetizers.

Steamed buns with salted egg yolk and creamy custard.

Stir fried prawns with wulong tea leaves

Sweet and sour deep fried riblets with strawberries.

Hainan lotus flower stems 海南莲藕花梗, a dish we’ve never had before.

We took our time and enjoyed each dish of a light meal on a memorable evening. The restaurant was stylish. The service was professional. The staff was warm. The surroundings were serene. The beautiful Dadonghao Bay in the Hainan Island served as the perfect backdrop of our time together.

Wish we could stay here longer.


美國白老頭吵架,全世界看他們丟臉 January 16, 2018

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華盛頓 DC 腰帶公路裏面的幾個白老頭吵了起來,美國又內戰了。









川普在討論美國移民法案的會議上說:所有非洲國家,海地和薩爾瓦多都是 “shithole“.

那 “shithole” 是什麼呢?Shit 是糞便的意思。 Hole 是洞的意思 簡單來說,”shit” 加上 “hole” 就是一個”大糞坑“的意思。

你應該記得,1970 年代,尼克森做美國總統的時候,有個”水門事件”吧。後來鬧來鬧去,尼克森被迫辭職,下台鞠躬了。

我們姑且叫 Trump 的 “shitholegate” 爲”川普大糞坑門“吧。這個名詞即生動,又好記,相當切實,更讓人忘不了。






那川普有沒有說非洲國家,薩爾瓦多和海地是 shithole 呢?


當然,有些人不同意。把川普在白宮附近擁有的一間旅館變成 shithole.






Trump was right this time January 12, 2018

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It is big. It has to be bigger than Kim’s.

Source: The Flipboard.

But, can Trump handle it?

Only the idiot in the WH didn’t know that January 12, 2018

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And he even said that he has a very good relationship with Kim Jong Un.

Blind and acted like a 井底之蛙。

By “west”, Putin means the USA.

David Roche is missing the point January 9, 2018

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Roche’s analysis is predicated on one of two scenarios playing out in the Korean peninsula:

  1. The U.S. moves to contain North Korea and, by default, China with missiles from the east,
  2.  Trump takes out Kim Jong Un through a strategic attack. 

Rocheconcluded that both options would signal China’s ineffectiveness at handling the situation and would result in an “almost inevitable cold war” between the U.S. and China.

I believe that Roche missed a key fact about the relationship between the U.S. and China: America has been in a cold war with China ever since Chinese oil company Cnoon was forced out trying to buy Unocal in August 2005 in a $18.5 take over bid. 

America treated China as a threat to its national security and put up a wall to slow China’s progress down. 

That’s when the cold war between America and China started.

Why stop a fake book? January 9, 2018

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If a fake book is about to come out, will someone try to stop it?

No, because the book is fake.

If someone try to stop a book before it comes out, is it a fake book?

No, the book must be about something that’s very real. 

Sounds reasonable to me.

It is not to Trump. 

He try to stop the book from coming out but couldn’t. Once the book is out, he calls the book fake because it makes him look very fake.

What a pity Trump is!

Well, it isn’t over yet. We have been officially reminded by Trump that he is a “very stable genius.”

It appears that the most powerful man in the world, no, in the entire universe, has no clothes on.

Trading oil futures with Renminbi January 7, 2018

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It is about to happen because the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) 上海國際能源交易中心 will soon open to take your renminbi in exchange for energy future contracts.


Foreign traders are welcome because INE is registered in a pilot free trade zone in Pudong, Shanghai where foreign financial companies can set up their branches there. The headquarter of INE is 5 miles from my Pudong apartment near the Lujiazui financial district. I shall pay it a visit in time.

Crude oil, natural gas, and petrochemical products can be traded there.

Will the foreign energy traders come? I don’t know because China has capital flow restrictions but these restrictions may be less stringent in the pilot free trade zone for both the foreign companies and locals working with foreign institutions.

Will renminbi replaces US dollar as the dominant petro currency?

Probably not anytime soon giving the closer tie between Saudi Arabia and U.S. right now. However, with U.S. shale oil productions fixing to rise, thus reducing oil imports, as oil trades firmly above $50 a barrel and as Chinese economy grows, Saudi has to compete with Russia and other oil exporters to sell its oil to the Middle Kingdom. It is a given that China will insist on using renminbi to settle energy contracts on INE.

Will Saudi take renminbi for its oil? It probably has to.

Source: Bloomberg



Soon, financial institutions and national oil companies around the world will increase their renminbi reserves if they haven’t done so already to deal with China in the lucrative energy sector.

Next time when we visit Shanghai, we will check the INE out.


Trump lost the war against Kim Jong Un January 7, 2018

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But, the narcissistic Trump just couldn’t stop patting himself on the back.

Source: The Guardian

What Trump forgot to say was this: ‘However, even with my menacing tweets, my rhetoric, my tough stance and the bigger nuclear bomb button on my desk, Kim Jong Un repeatly ignored me, tested ballistic missiles many times and threaten South Korea and Japanese with nuclear weapons.’

‘Now that they are talking about Olympics and I saved my face, I am going to stop tweeting because my tweets didn’t stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power in the region.’

Shouldn’t Trump insist that South Korea leave North Korea out of the Olympics instead because Kim Jong Un has been such a bad boy ever since Trump started living in the WH? The rocket man has given me such a bad time and even called me a dotard.

Maybe Trump has forgotten all those unpleasant insults from Kim Jong Un already.

Keep the incompetent Trump in the WH for three more years January 5, 2018

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It’s been an open secret all along:


Source: The Atalantic, by James Farlows

Yeah, the world knows Trump is unstable and he is not qualified for the WH job. Everyone, including his base, knew that Trump was an old man with narcissism personality disorder when he said his inauguration crowd was bigger than Obama’s on 1/20/2016. 

Sadly, Trump has been the butt of the world class joke since then. Heck, even North Korean’s Kim Jong Un knows that.

But, let’s face it. Trump is The President of the United States. American people elected him to represent them through the democratic process outlined in The Constitution. We don’t care about the 3 million more votes Hillary got in November last year. Trump get 80,000 more votes in a few key states. And that’s the way it was.

Now that the entire world, except that 35% of Americans who still think Trump is their man, is laughing at Trump and, by extension, the USA, we still need Trump to stay in the WH so that we can get our daily dose of presidential tweets and laughters. 

Trump seems to be overly confident that he can win 2020 election easily. Let him win so that he can provide political entertainment for seven years instead of three. It sure beats the dull and boring drama between McConnell vs Schumer and Ryan vs Pelosi.

China, Russia, German, England, France, Iran, Turkey, Mexoco and North Korea would love to see that too.

Who lied, Trump or Wolff? January 5, 2018

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Would you cate to guess?



Here is what WP has to say about Trump:


Of course, we all know that WP is biased. They are out to get Trump everyday. But, honestly, at 5.62 lies or misleading statements on average per day, Trump’s ability to tell lied can never be matched by any normal person at all. 

Go figure.

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