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Trump: 多行不義,必自斃 April 19, 2018

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Judge Andrew Napolitano: Trump and the attorney-client privilege


Source: Fox News

Listen to what judge Napolitano has to say. It is based on his understanding of the law and it is crucial.

Look for Cohen to flip because he doesn’t want to spend his next 30 years or more in a federal penitentiary for Trump. He may get 10 if he cooperates with the federal prosecutors in Manhattan.

Poor Trump. He can run for the president in 2020 but he can’t hide from three dragnets which are pushing him into a corner.

Will Trump go to jail for whatever he did in the past? I don’t know.

Will Trump be forced to resign from the office if he can get away from jail time? He will for sure.

It strikes me as very funny that any important position in the U.S. government needs a very careful and sometimes tidious vetting process by the FBI to weed out unscrupulous characters. The only execptions are candidates to the president of the United States.

That’s why America produces a character like Trump.

All this mess stems from Trump’s own doing.

We call this “多行不義必自斃” or “多行夜路終遇鬼”。

There are more:


Trump is the president of the United States but he can’t fire Mueller. He can’t fire prosecutors in Manhattan. He can’t fire Stormy.

Look for Trump to fire Sessions soon.


Even I saw that coming April 16, 2018

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I wrote about the new cold war long time ago between China and the U.S.

The cold war between Russia and the U.S. has intensified after Trump was investigated by Mueller and the situation shows no sign of improving at all after America-led air strike on Syria this past weekend.

While China and the U.S. is now engaging in a give and take on the trading front, two more worrisome developments have cast a shadow on the China-U.S. relationship:

  • The prospect of elevating the status of Taiwan on the part of the U.S. to start a new run of diplomatic confrontation.

  • Trump has talked about re-joining the TPP trade pact as a strategic development to further isolate China in the Pacific and Southeast Asia region.

Both developments could push China and the U.S. into a more explosive and prolonged cold war. The situation probably won’t get any relief until Trump is either impeached or forced to resign from the office from the ongoing special counsel investigation.

Another low of U.S. presidency April 15, 2018

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Trump is a character who behaves more like a street bully than a decent and honorable man. He degraded himself and the U.S. presidency in the eyes of the world through his daily name calling and hatred-filled tweets.

His Tweeter diplomacy has been nothing but a joke and the controversies surrounding him are just hard to keep up with.

Now, a new chapter in U.S. presidency is brewing with the imminent release of Comey’s new book Tuesday and the media blitz this weekend.

People all over the world get to see up close what kind of person the U.S. president is from the eyes of none other than the former boss of FBI, a very important and powerful person.

From what have been leaked so far by People who have already seen the book, Trump is a “fill your own words here” which has sinked the U.S. presidency and America to a new low.

The irony of Comey vs Trump April 13, 2018

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Comey and Trump, what a political couple: From allies by serendipity to employee and boss to reluctant friends to former employee to name calling to archenemy to making millions from selling books slamming his former boss and Impeachment?

What a great realty show on earth with Trump being mocked at on TV shows and judged by people all over the world. Trump is no longer the boss of the show but a poor old man with an uncertain future and no place to hide. He has few friends but many enemies and his enemies are profiting from the unending saga.

Now we all know how politics is being played at the highest office in the United States of America.

  • Comey helped a great deal to land Trump in the White House by going after Hillary a few days before the election.
  • Comey investigated the “peeing-on-each-other-in-Moscow” Trump which was alleged by Steele’s Russian dossier. Comey was asked by Trump to do so.
  • Trump asked Comey for loyalty and stop Flnny’s investigation by FBI. Comey promised honesty.
  • Trump fired Comey which led to the appointment of special counsel Mueller.
  • Trump calls Comey a “slim ball” and said that “it was my great honor to fire James Comey.” Comey called Trump “unethical, and untethereUfrom truth’.
  • Because of the bad blood between Comey and Trumo, Trump is going to help Comey sell a lot of books.
  • Without Trump, Comey is still working at FBI waiting for his pension. No one will remember who Comey is.
  • Now, thanks to the “weak and untruthful” Trump, the “untruthful slim ball” will live happily after on royalties from his book at the expense of Trump.
  • Poor Trump did all this to himself.

Trump’s doomsday is near: 4/18/2018 April 13, 2018

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James Comey will be signing his new book at Barnes and Noble just north of Union Square in New York.

Will s*** hit the fan?

We shall see.

White House will no doubt call Comey a liar but American people should know better. They know a liar when they see one.

Shall I sell my stocks and short the S&P 500? April 11, 2018

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Never before in America history since the Vietnam war has a U.S. president led the country so close to war with so many countries at the same time: Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Source: The Guardian

Source: Business Insider

Actually, Trump had already declared trade wars with many countries with new tariffs on steel, aluminium and many other items.

May be I should just sell first and ask questions later because no one knowswhat’s coming in the next tweet: an aircraft carrier or a missile.

Bail out of a sinking ship April 11, 2018

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Starting right from the top.

This is big and disastrous for the Reoublican Party In November. Ryan already seen the writing on the wall and he decided to leave when the leaving is still good.

One more lie won’t sink the presidency April 11, 2018

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Lying with a straight face is a skill which needs considerable amount of practice, determination, persistance and extremely thick skin on his or her face.

Source: NYMag

Trump is a unique and rare example of someone who holds so much power but knowingly lies in public in the face of undisputable evidences in American history.

From the moment when Trump ordered Sean Slpicer to publically humiliated himself to lie for Trump about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd, we knew Trump was kind of not normal and weird; someone who not only ignor the facts but also deliberately twisted the facts for his personal benefits.

Source: wikipedia

The most unusual part is he can do it again and again and get away with it. Any other politician who has done this kind of things has long been shown the door already.


What an unusual, unnatural and dangerous character indeed. Sadly it aslo says a lot about how disfunctional American’s democratic systen is.

And what can American people do in the face of all this? They have the 2020 presidential election to look forward to.


Trump: Officially in a shithole April 11, 2018

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Poor Trump.

He is in a shithole and everyone including him knows that.

The problem for Trump is that once he’s in the hole, there is simply no way of ever getting out of it.

Even for the president of the United States.

The worst part is the shovel has been in Trump’s hands all along.

Trump’s swamp gets deeper by the day April 9, 2018

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Two of this Pruitt guy’s top aids got raises of $56,765 and $ 28,130, respectively.

Yes. You read them correctly.

He Pruitt apparently signed off on the special raise personally despite White House’s objections. He then lied on national TV saying that he wasn’t aware of the raises.

He learned that trick, commonly referred to as a “lie”, from his boss: Trump.

Trump said in 2016 that he came to DC to clean the swamp. He Trump becomes the deepest and the smellest swamp ever. He then bought on more mud like Pruitt to fill the swamp so that it won’t be cleaned.

Many, I mean MANY, including hundreds if not millions of contractors, made billions off the federal government, or the tax paying citizens. The swamp gets bigger, deeper and muddier and the poor tax payers get sucked waist deep with more mud pouring in everyday.


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