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No deal for Manafort because he has nothing to offer June 16, 2018

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Trump scandal’s biggest fish so far. He’ll probably stay in jail for the rest of his life. Another reason that he didn’t agree with a deal assuming one was offered is that Trump will pardon him.

The Trump saga continues and the fat lady hasn’t showed up yet. She’ll sing soon.


Games Israel played to influence Trump June 16, 2018

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Source: Flipboard/The New Yorker


It took me more than an hour to finish this very, verylong article by Adam Entous of the New Yorker. If you have time to read it like I did, you’ll find out how really BIG MONEY influenced America’s presidential election, how money bought influences and access at the highest level of the American government, how Trump agreed to move American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for Adelson’s checks and how Trump’s New Middle East order was crafted by neo-conservative Jews in the U.S. and Netanyahu, the PM of Israel.

You will know how Jews and other people like Kushner, M.B.Z., Dermer, Netanyahu, standing-on-his-wallet Adelson, Bannon, Trump, M.B.S., Emirates and Saudis, who got together before and after the 2016 presidential election to help elect Trump to be the president of the U.S. and to lay the foundations of Trump’s Middle Each policy. These people dispised the Palestinians, sold them out to please the Israelis and turn a blind eye on Netanyahu’s settlement projects in the West Bank.

They demanded Trump to dismantle the Iran nuclear deal, agreed to an alliance between Saudi Arabia and Israel, blockaded and isolated Quata and countered the advancement of Iran and Russia in the Middle East.

Have you been faithfully voting in the American presidential elections believing your precious vote can make a difference in American government?

Have you been sending your $25 to your preferred candidates believing he or she will change the political landscape according to your preference?

After all these years, have you had the sinking feeling that you have been had by the democracy and the deep-rooted political system in the America?

Do you know why?

Because the Supreme Court of the United States allows American corporations and labor unions to contribute as much money as they want to any candidate they choose.

Do you think that Trump pays more attention to you or to what the billionaire Adelson have to say? Do you think your $25 check can force Trump to move America’s Israeli Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem?

This is America’s democracy. This is the swamp Trump said he’ll drain once elected to the president of the United States.

Now, you know the rest of the story.

君子報仇十年不晚 June 15, 2018

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Source: Bloomberg


I don’t know which side will come out ahead in this trade war between China and the U.S. but I believe the ongoing tech embargo against China will definitely put a dent on China’s “Made in China 2025” initiative. Don’t forget that ZTE’s fate, possibly Huawei’s too, is still in the hands of Trump and the U.S. Congress. It’s unfortunate that China doesn’t have anything equivalent to counter America’s punch.

However, this is not the whole story: The U.S. is not fighting a trade war with China alone. The U.S. is fighting with China, Japan, Russia, Iran, Koreas, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and the EU, It’s not just China will retaliate, many other countries will retaliate too. All at the same time. Can Trump and America’s labor market take this assult from all sides at the same times?

I don’t think so.

A better question is: Can Trump states’ economies take the attacks before the November election?

The answer is: no.

The next logic question to ask is then: can Trump survive impeachment if Democrats take the House and the Senate in November after Trump’s trade war begins to inflict damages to the U.S. economy?

Definitely not.

As the excerpt below states, the current setback on China’s tech arms race against the U.S. isn’t all bad: there might be a silver lining for China after all.

Source: Bloomberg


Chinese often say that “君子報仇十年不晚.” It means that “a gentleman will have his revenge in ten years.” Xi Jinping, of course, is very familiar with this concept when he deals with Trump and whoever comes after him. Trump is in the game for instant gratification and political payback. China is in it for the long haul and Xi Jinping knows it.

Well, China just got whacked by a 2×4. But, the curse could be a blessing in disguise. Chinese call this “轉機. 2025 is 7 years from now and the U.S. will do all it can to stop China from reaching this goal. But, China is no longer a 省油的燈. Even though the threat is very real and the enemy is formidable, China, with its steadfast resolve, a stable political system, the accumulation of wealth and the support of the Chinese people, will push ahead and work out a way to reach its goal in time. If it can’t be done in 7 years, China will do it by 2028 and has its revenge in 10 years if necessary.

朝令夕改,Flipping and flopping June 11, 2018

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Summit; no summit; summit; no summit, summit, no summit?

Tarrif; no tarrif; tarrif; no tarrif, tarrif;no tarrif.

This is what Trump really is: a man with shallow intelligence at best and a serious flip-flopper in his core.



It appears that Trump wants the Nobel peace prize more than the appearance of being played by Kim Jong En on the world stage.

He has no principle and no strategy. He’ll do something as he pleases first and see what happens next. In the meantime, he’ll tweet something and curse others to justify his position, live in his twisted virtual reality world, pat himself on his back and congratulate himself for a job well done. He’ll live in this fake reality loop which is constantly reinforced by flatteries from people in his inner loop who think like Trump.

Such is the president of the United States of America who uses small words and attacks to bullying other people and American’s previous allies.

How sad.

An honest assessment of the decline of the U.S. June 11, 2018

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Source: Daily Kos



You need to read this:

The author also asks a question all Democrats and Republicans should ask themselves:

America has 800 military bases in 70 foreign countries. Why????

But, from my prospective, let America build more nuclear powered aircraft carriers for $15 billion each and $1 billion each every year to keep them float. Let America maintain all 800 military bases in 70 foreign countrie and popping up foreign economies. Let America build more nuclear submarines and keeping them under water doing nothing except mapping the bottom of the sea. Let America build more cruise missiles and kill innocent people around the world so that other nations will hate America for generations. Let America build more advanced fighter jets at $500 million eachand wasting jet fuels. Let America fight wars no other country wants at trillions of American tax money. Let America fight Israel wars in perpetuity because the Muslims won’t stop attacking the Jewish country.

And, best of all, let America pay for all these stupid expenses on something which will do American people absolutely no good at all. Let Trump pile up all those trillion dollars debt for an instant gratification but leave future generation of Americans in debt they have no hope of ever paying it back.

She should. June 5, 2018

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Based on Trump’s past performance, we can safely conclude that Trump didn’t respect women, regularly cheated on his wives and divorced them when they were over the hill, BMI challenged, wrinkled and/or borderline unpleasant to look at compared to younger women around him.

Trump’s current wife is arguably fast approaching that stage of her life. Just take a look of her recent picture and you will know what I mean. Remember, we see her with heavy make-up and Trump gets to see her without.

Source: Google image

If Trump’s history is anything to go by, she should be worried about her fate and start making plans for her eventual departure.

The $64,000 question is June 1, 2018

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Will Americans die for her?

Source: CNBC


Source: CNBC



想當然耳 May 31, 2018

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Russia, China agree to boost military cooperation against America’s aggression and hegemony.


Trump’s plan B for Iran May 25, 2018

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It hasn’t worked on Kim Jong En yet.

But will it work on Iran?

These are America’s demands for Iran delivered by Pompeo after Trump pulled the U.S. out of the Iran Nuclear Treaty :

The question seems to be this:

Are Americans willing to die for Israel?

To China, Trump is a product of a failed political system May 24, 2018

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All American politicians, starting from Trump, can’t look pass beyond their next elections.

China plans for decade and longer.

China views Trump as a disease of democracy which needs to be taken care of at this juncture.

Read this article and you’ll understand the mindset of China’s leaders when they confront Trump’s shifting tactics.

China knows what it wants and will not back down on this demand. China also knows its weakness, e.g..ZTE, and is willing to yield to some of Trump’s demands. It will make Trump looks good while fulfil China’s objectives.

No one knows what Trump’s trade policy is but China is willing to deal with him and use it to make the necessary changes to the structure of China’s economy which China urgently needs.

Every crisis is an opportunity.

Currently, the unpredictable Trump is a crisis. ZTE is a crisis.

The opportunity is the transformation of the Chinese economy. The opportunity is an urgent push to be able to make most of the semiconductors China needs in China.


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