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The Diner, Xinyi BD, Taipei, Taiwan February 20, 2020

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After my doctor’s appt., we went for a cup of coffee at Bigtwon. However, for some reasons unbeknown to us, The Bigtwon Coffee Shop was completely full with absolutely no table available at 3 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. This was a first for us. We went to Louisa Cafe across the street instead.

By the dinner time, we decided to have dinner at The Diner 樂天。in the Xinyi District(信義區)of Taipei.

We actually shouldn’t eat dinner at all because we didn’t finish our lunch at Jiuru (九如) on Ren-ai Road in east Taipei at around 3 pm. But my wife wanted one so that we can skip a light snack before going to bed.

The Diner is a casual restaurant serving typical America food like sandwiches, breakfast meals, omelets, pizza and hambergers.

This 2nd-floor, 50-seat restaurant was busy with young people except us. From their apperance, I didn’t think they were office workers getting a bite before taking the subway home. They weren’t tourists either because I didn’t hear any foreign language being spoken here.

Our meal was simple: an order of onion rings, an omelet, a bowl of Jambalaya and a bottle of a local beer with a buy-two-get-one-free offer.

I ordered a local beer, 小雪, because I wanted to see how good this Taiwanese craft beer compared to other beers we have tried before. Its 6.9% alcohol content by volume also raised some interest because the popular Taiwan Beer (gold label) was too bland to me. Well, I like the amber color and the light banana flavor of 小雪 but it certainly didn’t taste like it had 6.9% alcohol in the bottle.

Onion rings were crispy and good. The Jambalaya was the best, way better than others we have had in Taipei. However, the omelet was no where close to the ones we could have at any truck stop along the interstate highway in the U.S.

The staff was young, polite, energetic and eager to answer questions we had. The service was quick and professional.

It will be a while before we go back to the The Diner because there are simply too many restaurants which directly compete with it even in the Xinyi District of Taipei.


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