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10,000 steps a day for three and half years February 6, 2020

Posted by hslu in Health, Life in Taiwan.
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Turns out the ‘get your 10,000 steps in a day’ thing isn’t a thing at all


Well, walking 10,000 steps a day isn’t a thing but it isn’t easy either to say the least.

That being said, we have walked 10,000 steps a day on a monthly basis for the past three and half years. We have tried our best to reach our target everyday, but, at times, it wasn’t easy because of illness, traveling or simply too lazy to get out of the house,

We started this routine from July 2016 when we lived in Shanghai. In the next three and half years, we have walked a total of 14.8 million steps in 1,338 days. That came to 11,060 steps a day.

Yeah, you read it right, 14.8 million steps.

Our record was 16,066 steps a day for the entire month of May in 2019 when we were traveling along the Silk Road from Urumqi, Xinjiang to Xian, Shanxi, China.

In that month alone, we walked approximately 204 miles. Unbelievable! That was a lot of walking by any standard.

How long we can keep this regimen going is hard to say. But, we firmly believe that we are doing this for our own good because every time we put one foot in front of the other, we are building our stamina and strength.

Another three years, maybe?


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