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今晚就顧不了那麽多了 May 12, 2019

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  • Pancake with honey,

2 French crepes with honey in between liked the way I asked for. Easy to digest. Simply satisfying to eat. Detrimental for the group of people who are deemed san gao. Should be avoided at all times.


  • Sweet green peppers stir-fried with shredded beef over rice,

Locally grown green peppers added a level of freshness, a bit of kick and a hint of sweetness. Stir-fried the shredded flank beef with garlic and ginger, added green peppers and then a generous amount of black bean source, soy source and cooking wine. The simple yet inviting dish paired so well with rice. However, the center of every grain of the rice had a tough center because Dali’s average elevation of about 7,000 feet kept water from boiling at 212 degrees F. Water boils at anywhere between 9 to 13 degrees lower than 212 degrees F.

Things are kind of going downhill from here:.

  • Erdinger Dunkel, 500 cc,

相當不錯的黑啤酒。德國的啤酒就是與眾不同。For some reason I ended up with too much foam on the top. Well, when we visited Amsterdam last year, I didn’t pass the beer pouring test at Heineken Brewery. I got a C last time but I royally flunk the basic skill this time.

More calories to walk off too.It didn’t take long for us to finish the 500 cc bottle of beer after spending 3+ hours touring “The three pagodas of the Chongsheng Temple in Dali”, 大理崇聖寺三塔, on foot in the sun. We walked at least 7940 steps in that 3+ hours span with very little rest.

  • Coffee milk shake,

Strong coffee taste. People in China and Taiwan called this 奶昔.


  • Chocolate sundae.

Nothing more to say when dealing with something like this killer dessert. If you have any ounce of guilty conscience, stay away, please. Period. There is nothing positive to say about it except a few minutes of pleasure of the imaginary nature in your mind. Should you think about 因果 while enjoying your drink? Your decision.Iwould be the first one to admit thaa terrible combination!What the heck, we were on VACATION! And we averaged 18,707 steps every day so far in the first 11 days in May.But, in the back of my mind, I dared to guess how many calories and how many pounds of fat we added to our already bloated bodies.Well, the final saving grace was that we didn’t finish all the rice. About 1/4 of the pancakes was untouched. We didn’t finish the milk shake and there were some left over of the chocolate ice cream. The trimmings were untouched.To be fair to us, we justified eating a “BIG” meal like this because we’ve had a very long and exhaustive day.We used Didi (滴滴打的) to get to 崇聖寺三塔 from the Dali Ancient City(大理古城)at around 3 pm. On the way back at 7 pm, we hitched a ride with a 黑車 back to the Foreigners Street(洋人街)in Dali Ancient City.By the time we arrived at 洋人街,we were hot, tired, thirsty and hungry. After a few hundred steps we saw Iceland Cafe(冰島咖啡)and quickly decided to have dinner there because it offered a very wide variety of dishes: from the traditional Dali cuisines to pizza to fried rice to pasta and, surprisingly, pancakes.We stayed at the Iceland Cafe for more than an hour after dinner because starting from 8 pm till 11 pm, Iceland Cafe featured local singers such as this lovely young female singers called 小雨.Well, it’s about time to head back to our hotel: 大理一山精品酒店 in the 山水間 community. Even though we didn’t have our breakfast until 9 am at the lovely hotel and didn’t head out at around 2 pm, we were tired after walking 21,500 steps.I suggested didi but she said that she could still walk even though Didi only cost ¥10 and about 5 minutes to the hotel.Total steps walked today, 5/10/2019 in Dali, Yun Nan was:Maybe this kind of walking justified a dinner like the one we had tonight.



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