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Shanghai, the capital of the future April 20, 2019

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Check out this story on the Global and Mail:

Welcome to Shanghai, the capital of the future

http://flip.it/LhVsvN from Flipboard.

The moment I finished reading this article I wrote the following to my kids:

Did I see this kind of growth when I bought the apartment in Pudong?


Am I surprised at the level of urbanization happened over the past 34 years since I first visited The Bund in 1985?


Am I happy that I made that decision to buy that small apartment so that it acts as a conduit to physically connect you all to our root in China?


Did we enjoy our stays in Shanghai over the past eight years since we bought that place?

Of course.

Mom and I will definitely make more use of the apartment in the future and you might want to consider coming for a visit sometime.

The glamour of the modern Pudong financial district. The Bund across the Huangpu Jiang (river,黃浦江) from Pudong retains the attractive and mystical, to me at least, image of the 1930 Shanghai.

Xintiandi (新天地), Tianzifang (田子坊), Chenghuang Miao (城隍廟), Nanjing East Road promenade (南京東路步行街), The Bund(外灘), Pudong’s Riverside Promenade (濱江大道) and many other attractions are the places we like to go. we don’t go there to shop. We just go there to soak in the nostalgic vibe and at the same time the vibrant atmosphere of a growing, expanding and modern city.

The High Speed Railroad (高鐵) makes Shanghai an ideal starting point to visit many cities around China such as Hangzhou (杭州), Suzhou (蘇州), Beijing (北京), silk road (絲路), Lijiang & Shangri-La (麗江,香格里拉 which Mom and I are going in 2 weeks).

Taking a train to Moscow is not out of the question either.

Then there are myriad of foods from many regions in China and around the world which one can sample from road side cafes, street vendors, boutique eateries and many fancy restaurants by world famous chefs.

Shopping in Shanghai should be done selectively because it isn’t as cheap as even five years ago. Fortunately, Mom has realized that, at our age, expensive and compulsive shopping is something which should be limited now.

Living in Taiwan is very comfortable, extremely affordabl and convinient but the island is too small and the future too unclear to not worry about it.

Well, we can’t wait to get back to Shanghai.


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