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Nanmeng Market 台北南門市場: Great place, good stuff March 17, 2019

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Even though we’ve been in Taiwan for 2 years and have been to Taipei many times, I didn’t know Nanmeng Market (南門市場) until a friend told us about it. She said that we can get all kind of good stuff that is necessary to prepare for a good and authentic New Year’s eve dinner.

I took my wife with me and visit the Nanmeng Market the next day. I wanted to see it with my own eyes and buy some stuff which our parents used to buy for New Year’s eve dinner when we were kids.

The moment I stepped into the old market and saw those strips of salted bacons and dried sausages hanging on bamboo sticks, I knew that Nanmeng Market is my kind of market.

Front door.

The market is in the basement.

Food stalls on the second floor.

Dried beef, dried pork.

More vacuum packed dried meats, sausages and salted ducks.

Sausages with different flavors. Mom used to make these dried sausages two months before Chinese New Year.

元宵節 at winter solstice. Hand made sticky rice or glutinous rice balls. They may or may not have fillings. Typical fillings are red bean paste, finely minced and sweetened peanuts, grounded and sweetened sesame. Some have minced meat and they can be deep fried too.

Workers are making sticky rice balls the way it has been done hundreds or even thousands of years in China.

Ready to serve items.

Pig feet, salted chicken and roasted ducks.

Stewed sticky dofu. Very sticky. I prefer deep fried sticky tofu because it is less pungent.

Blocks and slabs of Jinhua dried ham, 金華火腿. It’s the most famous dried ham Chinese style in China.

This is exactly the kind of market I like to go to buy various Chinese delicacies, dried meats, assorted pre-made items, ready to serve goodies, and hard to find gourmet food for special occasions.

There is a food court on the second floor but many food stalls close in early afternoon probably because most people finish their grocery shopping shortly after lunch.

I will come back later and definitely around Chinese New Year next year.


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