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Le Ble D’or,金色三麥,板橋 March 9, 2019

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Six weeks ago we came to Mega 50 next to the Mega Mall in Banqiao for mid afternoon tea for two. After we finished our meal we went to the Mega Mall to check out what kind of restaurants the biggest department store in Banqiao has. That was the time when I saw Le Ble D’or, 金色三麥。

It was very busy that Saturday evening and there was a line of people waiting to get in at about 7:30 pm. The restaurant brewed its own beers which have won multiple awards in international competitions. The American style cuisines it serves should give us a change of taste from Chinese food we eat almost everyday.

That’s when I decided to try this restaurant the next time we visit Banqiao again.

We came on a Wednesday night around 6 pm. The restaurant wasn’t busy at the time but filled up nicely around 6:30. We ordered dinner for two which included a salad with yogurt based dressing, grilled chicken breast on a stick appetizer, roasted mushrooms, deep fried chicken with fries and a bowl of Louisiana Jambalaya.

With $150 TWD extra, we could have a glass of their German style beer which usually costs $250 each.

Shrimps were very fresh. Salad was fresh and the dressing was good. We finished the whole plate in a jiffy.

Baked mushrooms with ground beef and cheese. Mushrooms were a little dry. They would be a lot better if baked in Olive oil and chopped basil.

Not brown enough though.

Wished we had more fries. They were great! Chicken was dried.


Looks great too.

Very smooth without the bitter after taste.

Kind like blue moon. Smooth with a hint of orange Citrus taste.

The food was quite tasty except they came out too fast which didn’t give us enough time to enjoy the meal. The deep fried chicken was too dry and the sauce for the chicken was too spicy hot.

At our request, the jambalaya was delayed so that we could have it at the end after we finished the other dishes.

Both beers were very smooth, balanced and great which was why Le Ble D’or won so many accolades in international beer competitions.

No wonder the restaurant was so busy on weekends. Business on weekdays wasn’t shabby neither.

Youdefinitely need a reservation to get in the door on weekends.


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