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Hot Pot Depot, Linkou, New Taipei City February 28, 2019

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Recently several new restaurants opened near my house in Linkou, New Taipei City in Taiwan.

Among them was the Hot Pot Depot in the housing community of Yuan Xiong Future City. It was 12 minutes away from my house on foot.

It used to be a family business selling brand name children’s products but closed its door due to competition from the much bigger Carrefour supermarket in the basement of the residential community.

By my account, there are four more personal hot pot restaurants within 1000 feet radius from HPD and they are all selling basically the same type of food. The only difference was the quality of the meat and price.

We chose Hot Pot Depot because it was the newest one.

The format goes like this:

  • Each person has his or her own side of a hot pot,
  • You select the soup base first,
  • You get a fixed amount of vegetables including some mushrooms.
  • You choose type of meat: be it vegetables, sliced pork, sliced beef, seafood or lobsters.
  • The meat and seafood are a la carte and you can order as much as you want,
  • The shachajiang sauce and sweetened tea are free but you have to help yourself,

We ordered a combo vegetables plate and a plate of sliced ribeye. There were much more food than we wanted to consume but we managed to finish the meat and most of the veggies. The quality of the sliced ribeye was excellent, probably the best sliced beef we’ve had in Linkou.

The price was reasonable but the service was a bit sloppy. The owner herself had to greet the customers at the door, showed customers to their tables and took money (cash only) from the customers when they finished their meals. She had to cleaned the tables too. We waited for at least a minute at the front counter before she came to greet us. After we finished our meals, HPD had ran out of iced creams and the workers just didn’t have time to refill the iced cream freezers.

Upon paying our bills, I asked her, a beautiful and very pleasant woman in her early 30’s, about how busy her restaurant was on a Wednesday, she said that she had a hard time to keep qualified people working for her.

Well, HPD is much larger than I thought which could be risky for a bedroom city like Linkou. It had some minor problems probably because it had only opened for three weeks or so.

However, I am certain that we will come back and enjoy that high quality sliced ribeye at a very affordable price soon.


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