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50 Cafe, Banqiao, New Taipei City October 4, 2018

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Last time we came to the Mega City Shopping Center in Banqiao, we saw a line of 20 people waiting in line at the ground floor of the tallest building in the city. We knew they were trying to get in a buffet restaurant because they didn’t have a reservation. After a short inquiry we found out that the name of the buffet restaurant was 50 Cafe. The cafe was on the fiftieth floor of the Mega building, hence the name.

It is the tallest buffet restaurant outside of Taipei and it has a big following on the social websites in Taiwan.

I read an article the other day which basically says that high level of lower cholesterol is bad for your health was a lie. There was no research to substantiate that claim from the U.S. government and the results from a new, large scale research supports the contrary.

Armed with this piece of information we came to Mega 50 Cafe to enjoy the buffet instead of feeling guilty while eating.

The seat will be reserved for 10 minutes. If we don’t show up before 6:10, the seat will be forfeited to other customers if someone is waiting. This is the standard practice.

The restaurant called us back and told us that they didn’t have a window seat for us because we made our reservation online too late. But that’s okay. We came primarily for the food, not the view.

The setting was nice but not elegant. The ambience was pleasant but cold. The night view was less spectacular because there weren’t many tall buildings with lights nearby.

The seating is arranged in sections around a 6′ wide central corridor of the eclipse-shaped building. On the one end of the corridor, there are two small elevators. The restrooms are on the other end. The kitchen is located to the left of the corridor while a sushi station is on the right. The space near the elevators is used for two ice cream fridges, coffee machines, soda drinks and beer. Salads and seafoods are close by.

The allotted time slot for us is from 6 to 8 pm. We come a few minutes after six. It is not busy today because yesterday was the mid autumn festival and many people probably didn’t feel like eating another big meal today. The restaurant was about 25% occupied. The server told us that last night, the third day of a thtee-day long weekend celebrating the annual mid autumn festival, was filled to the brim. I image that people probably have to wait in line for a while before they got fed.

The presentation and the arrangement of the food were pleasant to see. The staff was quick to keep the food stations clean and presentable probably because it was a slow Tuesday. This was really nice.




變種的壽司吧。一個一個的做太麻煩,用個木盆子裝壽司飯,再灑上 topping,弄的好看一點就出來了。飯甜了些,不過還蠻好吃的。





牛排算是不錯的了,不過不夠肥,有些筋。應該只是.choice grad 牛肉。小片小片的吃還可以,因為肉的纖維已經切斷了。如果跟在美國吃牛排一樣給你一片一寸厚的牛排,可能咬不動。味道不錯。我不喜歡加 sauce,如果調的佐料夠好,夠久,夠均勻,那原汁原味最好吃。其他的那幾樣都沒有動。







Made from scratch. 清淡,薑絲多,好喝。蛤蜊沒沙。好現象。












在相片的右邊遠遠的那邊可以看到101的輪廓。Samsung S9+的相片還是不夠清楚。這就是真正的數位相機比手機相機要高明的地方。手機相機是沒有辦法比得上真正的相機的。



哦,服務員來收錢的時候很客氣的說:”你們看起來很年輕,不好意思問一問,不知道你們有沒有超過60歲,超過60歲可以打八折”?我們其實不知道老家伙有減價的事。我們謝謝他,省了 20%。省了一碗永康牛肉麪。


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