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好戲真的要來了 August 22, 2018

Posted by hslu in 美國, education, Social Issues, Trump, 川普.
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Cohen has pleaded guilty today and has implicated Trump.

It’s a very bad day for Trump.

However, another lawyer and his now famous client are eager to get into the spotlight.

The real drama ordinary Americans understand and can readily identify with will now begin.

Campaign finance violation is for lawyers and Sunday morning talk shows. Average Joe and Jane don’t care about that.

These people on the main street want to hear what Stormy has to say and cable news will be all over about that too.

Stormy story will be the ultimate reality show on prime time and Americansvcan’t wait.

The stage has been set.

The time is right.

All members of the cast are ready to engage.

Let the curtain rise and let the show begin.

Someone will be fired at the conclusion of the show.



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