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This’s big if it happens July 4, 2018

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Many large American companies, such as the one I used to work for, face the issue of affirmative action when hiring and firing employees.

Source: BBC News

Hiring has to meet a pre-determined quota for minority (read blacks) but there are no quotas for Asians and Latinos. In other words, Asiansand Latinos are not minorities and are not protected by the affirmative action law. White employees have long complained about this unfair practice because they think hiring should be merit based instead of based on the skin color of a prospective applicant. Well, they could complain all they want but they couldn’t do anything about it because that’s the law of the land.

When firing a colored employee for whatever reason, company lawyers were involved to make sure that every t is crossed and every i dotted. Causes for dismissal must be reviewed by company lawyers and managers. Supervisor’s recommendations must be supported by years of documents and the case has to be able to stand the challenge in a court room.

Some Ivy League universities have adopted affirmative action in their admission process against Asian-American applicants. Minority applicants were admitted in these universities for the sake of diversity on campus even though they were inferior to Asian-American applicant.

This racial quota practice in favor of black students in schools was formally encouraged by the Obama White House. But, Trump wants to stop it. Whatever was his reasons, I don’t think it comes out of his love for the Asian-American students.

Asian-Americans accounts for 22.2% of the students in Harvard according to its website. The school is currently facing a lawsuit filed by Students for Fair Admissions for discrimination against Asian-American students. Trump’s Justice Department also wants to review Harvard’s admission process.

If the selection process is based on merits alone, the Ivy League schools will be filled with much more Asian-American students than they have admitted in the past.

Source: Google search

We’ll see how far this initiative will move in the months ahead.


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