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It’s only fair to retaliate June 11, 2018

Posted by hslu in 特朗普, 石油, 美國, Economics, Energy, Trump, U.S. Foreign Policy.
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Since Trump unilaterally stabbed Canada in the back first, Canada has to retaliate. Now that Trump was humiliated by Trudeau, Trudeau has risen in ranks to became Trump’s public enemy number 1.

Since this was seen as an unforgivable sin by Trumpright before he meets Kim tomorrow, he immediately sent in 2 attacking dogs to ripped Trudeau apart and warned him of serious consequences to come. More tarrif against Canada is coming and it will be more severe than the one on the table now.

Our family was in Canada for a year and half in the late 80’s. I sensed a little resentment from my Canadian colleagues because I came from the U.S. My salary was nearly 50% higher than my counterpart in Canada because our salaries were the same in figures but I got paid in USD while they got paid in loonies. At that time, one Canadian loonie was worth 68 cents USD.

I eventually won them over by hard work and by completely blending myself into the project team. My original one year contract got extended to a year and half. Finally my manager called me back to the U.S. because he couldn’t afford the extra cost associated with Canadian tax and extra bonuses for working in a foreign country. Canadians don’t like the U.S. at all because Canada was poorer, its economy was controlled byAmerican economy and, worst of them all, Canadians didn’t get any respect from Americans. For that, Canadians hated the U.S. And I have all the reasons in the world to believe that that sentiment hasn’t changed at all.

Canada will fight Trump with all they have even though they will pay for it with higher prices and escalating inflation in years to come. I support Canada and wish them go all the way to fight Trump.

By working with China and sell more crude oil to them, maybe?


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