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Do you see racial bias here? June 11, 2018

Posted by hslu in 美國, Racial Bias, Social Issues.

Source: Yahoo News


Here was the situationreported by the media:

A black guy was pretty drunk when two police officers came to his house responding to a call for loud music coming from his garage.

The black guy opened the garage door, saw the cops and started to pull the garage door down. One of the two policemen fired four shots through the closing garage door which could only be closed manually. SWAT team was called, tear gas was used and the black guy was found dead in the garage. The black guy got shot three times: one on his head two on his torso. He had an unloaded gun in his back pocket.

The jury decided that the black guy was 99% responsible for his own death and the police department was responsible for the other 1%.

The jury awarded the black man’s family $4: $1 for his funeral expenses and $1 for each of the black man’s three children. Since the black man was 99% responsible for his own death, the family got 1% of the $4: 4 pennies.


Source: Yahoo News

Both policemen were white.

Hmmm…., I don’t know how tall the black guy was, but I am pretty sure that he was shot twice on his torso first and his head last. Judging by the positions of the bullet holes on the garage door, by the time he was shot dead, the garage door was pretty much closed all the way down to garage floor.

Was that poor black man ever a threat to the white policemen?


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